Amazing PS3 Playstation Eye Trailer: Trials of Topoq & More

Playstation Eye Trailer featuring Trials of Topoq, Operation Creatures Feautre and more.

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MK_Red4164d ago

Is it just me or Wiimote suddenly looks like a dead fish?

drtysouf214164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

you have to just own one since launch! The only reason i'm keeping mine is for Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart but its collecting dust.I downloaded this trailer from the Euro store and i can't wait to see that aquarium on my 65in 1080p!

The video quality on this in not that great PS3 owners should download it from the Euro PStore.

MK_Red4164d ago

After seeing this video, even Mario Galaxy and Metroid 3 seemed less exciting! I knew PS Eye had potential but those 2 games (Topoq and Creatures) looked beyond awesome. Op Creatures also has a great LBP feel to it :)
Aquarium looks sweet but not much of a game. Now if only stupid devs would leave Wii's gimmicky controls and make games for the real futuristic control device.

HeartlesskizZ4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Im getting this to record some online gameplay or clan battles battles.

this will go over the top if it had interaction with Little-big-planet.

unsunghero284164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Actually, the Playstation Eye and the Wii Remote will never, ever, be used in the same way. That's not possible.

I admit the PS3 Eye is quite interesting, but it's not really the same thing as the Wii remote; the technologies aren't comparable. It's not infrared so there's no pointer, it's not gyroscope so there's no tilt, and it's not accelerometer so there's no determination of speed.

And the fanboyism around here is making me sick... has anyone read the Metroid Prime 3 preview? You'd be quite surprised about what they have to say about our good friend the Wii remote...

I agree that PS3 Eye is an impressive technology, but it will never have killer titles like Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3. It will just have casual games that are loose in really complex gameplay but have an "oooh, look at what I just did!" factor... kind of like the casual Wii games. I mean, trust me, moving around blob creatures and pushing balls around is a lot fun, but I think I'll stick with the holy trinity...

Omegasyde4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

As much as I look forward to EYe of judgment, the rest of Eye games don't look that great. IF perhaps developers do include perks in regular games like face mapping (r6:v for 360 has it), perhap it will show more interest.

Even thought the Wii mote and the PS eye don't use the same technology, Sony can steal some of the Casual Gamers from Nintendo at last. Perhaps this and Singstar + Rockband will finally get Grand Ma to put down the Wii to play with the big boys.

P.S. I heard a little bird say A Tetris ripoff game where you stack blocks using the eye (somehow?) is coming as well. Interesting.

MikeGdaGod4164d ago

the Eye of Judgement card game looks wack as hell. these games shown here on the other hand look waaaaaay better and i'd definately grab these right away.

Mu5afir4164d ago

There are other games at work such as Eyedentify etc.. I think a lot of people forgot about that game. But it looks very promising, and I wouldn't mind getting my dirty hands on it.

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hOoDnErD4164d ago

LOL its not just you...mines has so much dust on them!! This looks really creative and i cant wait to see where devs take this....

DEADEND4164d ago

I can't wait to get the Playstation Eye, it looks really fun.

beavis4play4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

i didn't think much of the eyetoy before but that was kick a$$

ALIEN4164d ago

SONY + PS3= niceness!

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