GC 07: Rabbids Attempt To Invade Leipzig ... Again

The Rabbid site shows another gem of quick humor as the Rabbids attempt to get into the Leipzig Games Convention. Ubisoft already has the Rayman: Raving Rabbids sequel all locked and loaded for later this year. If the Rabbids continue to bring Ubisoft even more financial success, hopefully meaning that they spin-off into their own demonic-bunny platformer game and ditch Rayman -- or, at least, get top billing in the next title.

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HeartlesskizZ4166d ago

I was wating for a mask of mario of zelda. what dumb lovely rabbits.

MK_Red4166d ago

I love these funny vidoes. Original Rayman Raving Rabbids videos were ok but RRR2's Around the World videos are simply hilarious. The game is a riot at party. Rabbids FTW!

HeartlesskizZ4166d ago

omg if they made a movie I will go watch it right away

MK_Red4166d ago

Awesome suggestion, bubbles for you.

Imagine Pixar making Raving Rabbids movie!

Venom_Blood4166d ago

Im going to buy a wii for my little daughter and I just found the perfect game for her.

KeiZka4166d ago

That was kind of hilarious. Need more trailers like this.

MK_Red4166d ago

Totally agreed. We really need more funny trailers. All 3 of these "Around the world" trailers are insanely hilarious.

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