Wii overtakes Xbox 360, becomes fastest selling console ever made

According to the report, total Wii units sold stand at 10.6 million, slightly more than the Xbox 360's estimated 10.5 million. Since its release, the Wii has outsold 360 by a margin of more than 2 to 1.

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doshey5089d ago

make the ps3 250 and that would be selling like crazy, damn make the 360 250 it would sell like crazy

unsunghero285089d ago

An equally valid argument: Give the Wii HD graphics and it would sell like crazy x10.

The truth is that neither point is valid; the PS3 and 360 wouldn't be that cheap and keep their attractive graphics and the Wii wouldn't have HD graphics and keep its attractive price point.

So stop saying that stuff and let's face that Nintendo, thus far, is doing quite well.

Omegasyde5089d ago

is still the cheapest and is all about the controller.

Argue with that.

Ri0tSquad5089d ago

all the wii games have been pretty much a$$

Loudninja5089d ago

do you see Nintendo saying anything?no, thats becausethese numbers are fake.Peopel jsut keep approving them

doshey5089d ago

ya i just saw they got there data from vgcharts

unsunghero285089d ago

But the Wii is selling more than the 360. And it will, very soon, if not already, have surpassed the 360.

NextGen24Gamer5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )


There is one king of the US....Microsoft

And there is one king of Japan....Nintendo

Europe is torn but the 360 is leading the way there thusfar in total sales.

At E32007 Microsoft announced that they were selling slightly less than the Wii since the Wii's launch and selling 2 to 1 over the Ps3 since its launch.....But the most impressive stat of all was that the xbox 360 has sold more games than the Wii and the Ps3 combined since their launches.....WOW....

Its all about the games....

unsunghero285089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

But the Wii is SELLING MORE in the US. The 360 isn't really the only king of the US because, eventually, it could be beaten by the Wii.

Oh, LOL, hardware numbers don't propel your "360 is winning" point, so you switch off to software. Saying "its all about the game" actually avoids the article and goes into a new topic.

And don't give me that "slightly less" sales crap. The 360 has taken almost 2 years to get barely higher where the Wii got in 9 months.

TheXgamerLive5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

Xbox 360
pick the 360 29% pick 360 (219,706 votes)
consoles sold

pick the PS3 19.9% pick PS3 (150,875 votes)
consoles sold

pick the Wii 51% pick Wii (385,948 votes)
consoles sold

*** Clearly, the Wii is some 1 million units behind as we speak.***

unsunghero285089d ago

When VGChartz says the Wii is ahead, then it's fake, and then when nextgenwars says the 360 is ahead, it's "likely."

If you won't take one, don't take the other. Let's wait for NPD.

Rooftrellen5089d ago

I wouldn't go there. in case you didn't notice, Google has flagged it as a malware site.

Makes it even less likely to be right, not that it ever had a chance of being more right than vgchartz.

Clinton5145089d ago

Unreliable. You guys are fighting over nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.