Peter Molyneux: ICO “probably is the greatest game design ever”

Bit-tramp: "Speaking today at Eurogamer Expo, while reeling through inspirations for the Fable series, Peter made sure to mention the ICO as one of the biggest. "

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MrMccormo4629d ago

...and it's being remastered exclusively for PS3.

Hank Hill4629d ago Show
lociefer4629d ago

why is this guy yabbling alot recently

Chuk54629d ago

Hank is just an impulsive troll.

EvilBlackCat4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

are you sure biasboy?

i mean only ps3 fanatics are the ones that cant play in other consoles and other exclusives because they have this imaginary wall in front of their faces created by their all fuck up brainwashed fanboy bias brain.

Trebius4629d ago

I tell you whut. That t'ere playstation 3 is one heck of a machine.

I tell you whut, no propane tank in the world's more impressive than this machine. mmmmmhm.

*cracks beer*

4629d ago
ThanatosDMC4629d ago

He really just wont shut up and mind his own games.... even his games are embarrassed because of him yammering on and not delivering.

young juice4629d ago


you make it sound like 360 fanboys are any different.

a fanboy is a fanboy. they're all the same

Natsu X FairyTail4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

''Hank Hill + 45m ago
That means you can't play it.

Yall Actin like Leprachaun can't play it as if The PS3 console Cant be found at one of his friend's house or a family member or at any BlockBuster store near is house. Yall think cause he own a Xbox means he wont be able to play the game is there a law stopping xbox owners from playing PS3 games? ? wtf wrong with u fools.

cmon now.

rroded4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

so much truth spoken by this man as in this one sentence...

"One of the first inspirations was a game that we played, which I think probably is the greatest game design ever”

indeed it is now if only peter could learn something from ico. They never bragged about anything they couldnt do and even so they blew away all expectations with the most epic games of a generation.

Redrum0594629d ago

you funny son-of-a-gun you.

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BloodyNapkin4629d ago

I know several people that has two each, and i know of two people that have 3. So much for the huge install base.

dragon824629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

I know people who are on the 5th and 6th Xbox 360. So much for the huge instal base.

I myself am on my 3rd PS3 and my wife has one of her own. That makes four PS3's for our household so far. I am still on my first Xbox 360 and Wii though. To be fair though they only get turned on about once a month unlike my PS3 which is only off when I am sleeping or not home.

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All_4_One4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

Yeah, I can`t wait to play through ICO again remastered with trophies. I only played through ICO once, like almost a decade ago when I rented it from Blockbuster, and I haven`t touched it since. I will be in heaven once I`m playing ICO again.

visualb4629d ago

Ico is one of the best game designs ever IMO.

I love it, I do prefer SoTC though because they took the simplicity one level forward.

Team ICO , my over all fav developer =)

@ the Leprachaun - thats a very cynical reply =/ he just stated it as fact, I can see it could be considered flame bait or trolling if he had written it in a more obnoxious manner, but to be honest, he didn't =/

DigitalAnalog4629d ago

But he has EXCELLENT tastes when it comes to games.

-End statement

AtatakaiSamurai4629d ago

lol, funny how the only games i have seen him in awe of are 2 ps exclusives uncharted and ico. i think there is one more but i cant remember.

any time he talks about 360 exclusive it comes off a hyping but with ps3 exclusive its like hes like wow wow

DigitalAnalog4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

I remember him saying that he can't say negative things about Microsoft.

(Or maybe he's implying that he wants to but he's subtly doing it by giving out these "over-sensationalizing&qu ot; headlines.)

Ever since Bungie left, I wouldn't be surprised to see him wanting to go independent. Especially when they scrapped his game "BC" back on the original Xbox (it had great concepts and promise).

-End statement

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darkcharizard4629d ago

ahem.. ahem..

The Legend of Zelda series says hello.

All_4_One4629d ago

I found ICO to be more unique than any Zelda game. Whether or not it`s better is up to you.

darkcharizard4629d ago

Come to think of it, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is better designed than ICO too, imo and... just ask the reviewers yourself!

Cratos87804629d ago

smg2 is a lame kids game. and Ico is a a masterpiece. just ask the reviewers.

Seijoru4629d ago

Zelda rehashes the same goddamn formula every time and gets away with it. TP was a disappointment and I'm not digging the new one's art style.

asyouburn4629d ago

was much better game than twiilght princess in my opinion.

mrcash4629d ago

yeah but I think what he means, given that the original design was obviously not a rehash, that Zelda's design is better which I can understand.

A Cupcake for Gabe4629d ago

Wind Waker is still a visual eyegasm

asyouburn4629d ago

yeah i hope when nintendo finally releases an HD console, they'll re-release Wind Waker for it. easily the best art direction for a zelda game thus far.

dragon824629d ago

Wiind Waker is by far my favorite looking Zelda game ever. A Link to the Past is still the BEST Zelda game ever in my opinion.

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Misterhbk4629d ago

ICO and SotC are two of the most original and unique gaming experiences in the history of this industry hands down. Both of them told a story in a way that Zelda never could and probably never will because its largely marketed for a younger audience. This holds the Zelda series from being in the same league as ICO or SotC.

This isn't to say Zelda isn't a great game. They always do fantastic work with the series, and I expect the next game to be just as good as the others. Now it would be nice if they threw a curve in there and changed the series up in some way. Its a lot of the same each time, but still good nonetheless.


The Wii fanboys can't see that.

TROLL EATER4629d ago

and yet zelda is more challenging.

Cratos87804629d ago

Legend of Zelda? Where you play as a androgynous elf? lol!

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Jamie Foxx4629d ago

Fumito Ueda is a GOD in gaming

Raoh4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

i think secretly peter wants to work for sony.. they would give him a lot more creative freedom than he currently has..

HeroXIV4629d ago

I don't think that lol but I can imagine Peter settling in well with Sony. I always think of him as the English David Cage (Heavy Rain). Constantly trying to evoke emotions in gamers. The trouble with that though is the majority of 360 owners only have one emotion, happiness, when they're shooting things.

All_4_One4629d ago

I`d to hear Molyneux`s opinion on the last guardian. Before Fable 2 came out he was raving on about the dog and how it would be the smartest thing ever in a video game, turns out the dog didn`t even really do anything aside from bark at treasure. I want to hear what he has to say about the beast Trico, because that looks to change everything we know about AI.

OT: ICO is undoubtedly one of the best games ever made, I`m not surprised Molyneux is inspired by it. With such a wild imagination, it makes perfect sense that he is drawn to the uniqueness of ICO.

Godmars2904629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

If he interprets "deep social interaction" as performance farting like he did in Fable 2.

[email protected]:
Shouldn't you wait and see how "scripted" the creature is before coming to that conclusion?

That's the whole problem with the people who follow Molyneux rather than the man himself: he says something which is then taken as gospel only doesn't deliver, then footage of something is actually shown only to be dismissed out of hand.

bit-tramp4629d ago

We're fans of Molyneux, we see all the hate, but don't understand it. The hate does spawn out of people who take his comments out of context, we see his talk as enthusiasm, not only for his own games, but for the industry.

There isn't another developer who will talk and take such a public interest in games in such a manner, and is extremely refreshing to find someone like that. Was great to sit in the talk today and watch him speak.

Godmars2904629d ago

There isn't someone else who will go on at length about game elements and features that either never go into it in any way shape or form, or it does but is a shadow or even a parody of the idea.

And like I said before, he actually isn't the problem, but rather the jerk-holes who defend him. Who parse every word out of his mouth despite the results, then damn or comment on something that's actually been done or shown.

I know its more than an even bet that most of his followers who have read the interview have come away thinking Fable is on the same level as ICO in story telling though they've never touched ICO.

JawsofRegret4629d ago

What are you talking about? The AI looks completely scripted for that creature. I'm not trying to diss the game because it does look fantastic but I'm pretty sure the AI isn't anything special.

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