zootang5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

I have just lost interest in this game. What ever happened to creative freedom. Censorship FTL!

Winter47th5043d ago

So we'll play against "ze Germanz" again.

deafwing5043d ago

Caliban ... and we'll all know who they mean.

nycredude5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

This is what is wrong with this world. All it was is a freaking name, and everyone is up in arms and criticizing the game. All they did was change the name and now everything is cool. Goes to show how much of a non issue it was in the first place. The only thing people care about is getting their voice heard, fvcking media whores.

This wasn't about the Taliban or anything but free publicity for those complaining.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

All they did was change the name from Taliban to opposing force. And because of that you decided that this game no longer has any value whatsoever? GTFO troll.

This changes nothing. EA should have stood their ground but at the same time it's just a game. The people who lost sons/daughters are going through a traumatic time right now so I understand.

We still have our game and it's still coming out on the 12th so I don't really care about anything else.


Oh my god you've been denied your rights and freedoms...REVOLT! HUR DURR

This is a non-issue.

zootang5043d ago


Sorry I don't support censorship. I like freedoms. You bend over and let the man stick it to you!

Side note: I've gone nuts.

UnwanteDreamz5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

I love how people who don't play games get to dictate what is in them. I will start a Taliban Clan. (in game) No women allowed!!!!!

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jakethesnake5043d ago

Sorry, but this isn't censorship, it's just caving to market pressure. Censorship is when someone is prevented or forbidden from releasing something. No one forced them to do anything, they were just afraid of losing a lot of money and so made a business decision to make a simple name change.

I think the whole controversy is lame, but don't call it censorship when it is a free choice by EA. I hate censorship, and frankly, this ain't it.

RedDead5043d ago

Too bad, I would have bought the game just to support their iron(now copper) balls....too bad

DarkTower8055043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

You say this changes nothing? I think this changes everything. Having Taliban is whan seperated MOH from all other FPS games. Calling them OpFor is totally different, any enemy force is OpFor, Taliban was a specific faction. Now its basically a COD clone, with nothing to distinguish it from other COD or BFBC games. I expect a lot of sales to be lost as I'm sure the word will spread quickly.

evrfighter5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

that's too bad. Just too bad. I would cancel my pre-order if I paid full price. I paid $29.99 so I'll stick with it.

As stupid as it sounds. Gamers will lose a lot of respect for you if you start bowing down to "The Man".

The Killer5043d ago

they say its not censorship, yet they put big pressure on them to remove their freedom.

the mosque in Manhattan legally allowed yet they are pressuring them to not build it for pathetic reasons that yet no proof that any Muslim was involved in it.

i tell u something guys, pressure can be more powerful than laws in many cases!!

pressure made Pakistan give up their allies the Taliban!! pressure made many countries bend over for American instruction!

finbars755043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

WTF they got balls.The taliban isnt totally taken out of the game.You guy in this room are hypricates.One minute you see the awsome gameplay from the game and say I cant wait to buy this game then they remove some of the taliban from the game and oh they have no balls.Love to see you do a better job at creating a game that has consequnces around it and see how you manage.Bunch of PU%%ies on this site.The game is still going to be great regardless.Just go and play your Black ops ans see how many plagued things will go on in this game and then you will say the same thing about tryearch(NO BALLS EITHER)fake ass gammers on n4g now a days.This isnt about freedom of speech but freedom to make choices in life.Do I play this game now that they took some of the taliban out or should I just pass on this because they supposdley buckled.PLzzzzzz.

AndrewRyan5043d ago

Americans vs. Taliban are bad? How about the fucking Nazis who would fucking put jews in god damn gas chamber or even fucking torture them to death and steal from them and fucking set them on fire? Is that okay? Oh of course it is because we allow that but not some fucking desert terrorists who bombed a couple places around the world which is fucking horrible yes, but the Nazis killed around 6 million jews and yet we get to play games where the Nazis win in multiplayer! Great! This makes perfect sense!

paintsville5043d ago

Hmmm. I understand the discontent from the families and such, but videogames are a medium much like newspapers, magazines, art, tv, and therefore should be protected under "freedom" of speech. I am disappointed in the move by EA.

SilentNegotiator5043d ago

"I have just lost interest in this game"

Frankly, I have no intention to support a product of creative media that buckles under the pressure from people who aren't their intended audience.

Zydake5043d ago

Wow not even the creators of south park pussied out and they were threatened to be killed

Defective Bot5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

See this is what I don't fucking get, they whined because you had the option of playing as the Taliban but they didn't fucking realize that you also play against the Taliban. If anything Fighting against the Taliban should have been a huge selling point as it's being patriotic since you're fighting against America's real life enemy and not some generic doppelganger like many games have. Fucking conservative pussies. I was going to buy the game day one, even though I knew it wasn't going to be that great, just because of EA's bravery to swim against the tide but now I'm just going to wait until It's $20. Still buying NFSHP though.

RememberThe3575043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

You call them pussies? For what? When the mother of a dead soldier gives you a call and asks you to remove something that she feels is in sensitive, your going to listen. Like Goodrich says, they earned their right to be heard. This isn't about censorship, this is about respect and honor. It seems however, that many of you don't understand these concepts and therefore I'm wasting my time...

And bubbles to Longrod for telling it like it is and not and not succumbing to ignorance.

@below: I get your point, but this not about logic. This is about people from our culture who have lost family members to preserve that culture. My point is not the get into whether what we do over seas is right or not. The point is that this game is made for Americans not the Taliban. If it was made for the Taliban, we'd see the same thing but in reverse.

"People die. Get over it." Sorry I can't do that, I have a heart. And frankly the fact that you would write that shows that you are a heartless person for you haven't had much death in your life.

I think it's pretty sad that you could see the tears of a mother who has lost her son and basically tell her to shove it.I was raised differently, I respect peoples opinions and emotions even if I don't agree with them.

Not all of these people are the bible thumping Fox News types. Many are regular people who, like you and me, expressed their opinion on the matter.

I don't agree with this at all, but I respect their reasoning. And the fact that you cannot show the same respect shows your past the point of providing any positive input into any kind of community.

kancerkid5043d ago


I would not remove content in a game just because someone asked me to. They is no difference between playing as the Taliban or playing as US soldiers. Both sides kill people. Both sides have and will kill innocent people. What is someone lobbied for them to take out the US soldiers because it dishonored them supporting the Taliban. The argument would have the same logic, and thus, in your case, the argument would still hold.

People die. Get over it. if these people can't discern pixels from reality, they are well passed the point of providing positive input into the gaming community.

DeadIIIRed5043d ago

This situation is how you would define irony. A few soldiers fight and die to defend our freedoms and consequently their families use their deaths to pressure a publisher to omit certain aspects of a game. I personally don't like hearing news like this only because it can open a floodgate of similar incidences and spill into other markets.

Defective Bot5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

"'People die. Get over it.' Sorry I can't do that, I have a heart. And frankly the fact that you would write that shows that you are a heartless person for you haven't had much death in your life. "

No that's call being a mature adult, people do die every day, that's a part of life so accept it and move on. Only a kid would cry for every single person that dies in the world. For every person that leaves this world, another one is born in their place and those that left go on to a better place.

RememberThe3575043d ago

I don't disagree. But you also cannot expect a mother or father to just shrug off the death of their child either. When my friends or family die I don't shrug it off, it bothers me. I believe in life after death, I believe that when you die your gone. So when someone I love is gone and no longer experiencing life, it bothers me.

You want to talk about being mature adult? Respect and honor are corner stones to that. EA has show both and yet we have a bunch of people on their case about it. It's immature and pathetic.

Dee_915043d ago

i just wanna shoot people
no reason to "cancel preorders" or not buy the game
thats dumb