Gears of War 3 Delayed At Least Five Months

Kotaku writes: "It looks like Epic's Cliff Bleszinski was more than just three days off when he told Jimmy Fallon on national TV that Gears of War 3 was hitting on April 8.

The next day Microsoft shifted the date a bit, saying the game would actually be hitting on April 5, 2011. Today the publisher is shifting Gears 3 a bit more... to the fall of 2011."

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TrevorPhillips4127d ago

Good, they will have more time to work on the game, plus there is just too many good games coming out this year and next for us to play through.

KiasuKiasiMan4127d ago

Actually if you read the article apparently the delay has nothing to do with development and is instead Microsoft's marketing strategy for the holiday season.

Cloudberry4127d ago

For my wallet at least...

LittleBigPlanet 2 & Mass Effect 2: January.

Killzone 3 & Nintendo 3DS in Japan: February.

Yakuza 4: March.

inFamous 2: ???

A little bit of breathing... -.-

StanLee4127d ago

I think we all knew this game was coming in November. I never expected it in April.

Smkt4127d ago

soooo... MS has nothing for next year apart from gears 3 huh..

gaffyh4127d ago

I guarantee that MS already were going to do this when they announced the release date on Jimmy Fallon. Yet another year where they can show Gears 3 in their E3 conference AGAIN. Idiots, just give us the game once it's ready, I'm getting sick and tired of your sh*t MS.

Chubear4127d ago Show
Active Reload4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

@Stan Lee...O'rly? Anyway, this is...interesting. Don't they know the end of the world is around the corner and this won't give me much play time on this game? F*cking *ssholes!!!!!

But seriously, they just moved and positioned it into Uncharted territory. This means will actually get a more grounded and balanced comparison. If UC3 stays on track for its assumed release, then we'll see who the real King of 3rd person shooters really is.

@Chubear, you sound nervous...
@Chubear,'re nervous...

OverdosedWitDopeness4127d ago

Why dont they just release it in april and have some 250gb reach gears 3 bundle around holiday season instead of waiting 5 months?

callahan094127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Seems like a silly marketing strategy to make it an entire year between proper exclusives. Fable 3 Fall 2010 then nothing until Gears 3 Fall 2011? Seriously? What do we get in between? I know Kinect is coming, but do they really want to bank an entire YEAR on just Kinect stuff? That said, this is probably a good thing. If Epic thinks they can finish the game by April but they actually get another 5 or 6 months to work on it, then it will only mean it comes out more polished, which is important because the first 2 Gears games could have definitely used some more time in the oven so they didn't ship with broken online.

nycredude4127d ago

Judging by all these disagrees people are getting, it seems people like having to wait until the end of the year for one big exclusive...

360 has another exclusive game, the waiting game. Sorry I couldn't resist..

I'll take my own bubbles. =P

InTheKnow4127d ago

Well, it looks like 2011 at this point, looks bleak if your a M$ exclusive only type of guy. Things could change but you can forget about a Halo anything next year as Gears has been given the Halo September sales spot...sad really.

I've defended M$ and there strategies but this is pretty bad and unless they are planing a new console launch in 2012, this will be a big mistake.

Yes it's true 2011 pre-E3 is shooter heavy but where is the xbox 360 exclusive in early 2011??? Big games like Crysis, Brink, Bulletstorm, Bodycount, Ghost Recon,...etc are all multi-plat and all release before E3 but then what???

I hate to say it but the SDF conspiracies are right...M$ seems to only care about Kinect casual gaming and is directing all it's money in that direction. I like Kinect and will buy it for the family fun aspect but this is ridiculous if M$ thinks people only want XBL. The shooter genre is WHY there is XBL. Nobody is going on line for Kinect...just look at the top ten XBL games. What is M$ thinking???

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Double Toasted4127d ago

Yeah, Gears will crush anything that comes out around that time. If you don't have a 360 be sure to pick one up around that time.

nickjkl4127d ago Show
N4XBOXG4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

thats is was pc is for xbox is for halo and only halo in my experience


O. P. style is whats going to happen if Uncharted 3 tries to come out around that time. I think ND is going to push Uncharted 3 into 2012. They would be smart to do so.

pangitkqb4127d ago

Didn't want Killzone 3 and Gears 3 too close together anyway.

Why o why4127d ago


i love your optimism ¬_¬

Uncharted 3 vs Gears 3....Damn, that really would be a good time to be a gamer....can you imagine N4G then....Flame suits wont cut it . As it stands Uncharted is the one to beat. Exclusive vs exclusive ...I can argue about this stuff ALL DAY LONG....ill leave the sales stuff for the wanna be patchers

DatNJDom814127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

arent xbox owners gonna be playing halozzzz reachzzzz for like 4 years anyways? Thats what some of the comments I've been reading were saying at least. Take your time cliffy. Also this gives them time to fix that broken ass multiplayer that always accompany gears games. if it comes out and it still broken then that would be sad.

KillerBBs4127d ago

I'll never forgive Cliffy for a complete waste of time match making was for GOW 2. 3 hours the first night and only found 2 games... dropping everyone left and right from our party... That went on for weeks.

Truefully I was happy to read they were delaying but P/O that it's not for the right reasons.

KillerBBs4127d ago

Cliffy is a no good liar and crawls on his belly like a snake!

Trebius4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

M$ - The Gameless Console

on topic: That sucks about Gears ... I was really hoping it'd come out earlier next year ...

Gue14127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Considering "MS" doesn't has many exclusives (if any) then they opt to delaying what will be their only great game for the year to sell it in the busiest period, Christmas.

If kinect doesn't take off then 2011 will be a really dark year for MS.

SiteNblog Defender4127d ago

" I guarantee that MS already were going to do this when they announced the release date on Jimmy Fallon. Yet another year where they can show Gears 3 in their E3 conference AGAIN. Idiots, just give us the game once it's ready, I'm getting sick and tired of your sh*t MS. "

I bet you're not upset with Sony and GT5.

SaberEdge4127d ago

I don't really mind the delay. I was getting worried about having to buy too many games in the first part of 2011 like Killzone 3, Deus Ex HR, LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Team Ico Collection, Infamous 2, and Crysis 2.

That said, it does make me wonder what in the world MS will have for the 360 the rest of the year. I have a feeling the Crytek exclusive, Project Kingdoms, won't make it out next year, so what aside from Gears of War 2 will I be playing on my 360 next year? I'm sure I'll get some of the multiplats for my 360, but I am talking about exclusives.

gaffyh4127d ago

@above - GT5 never had a release date, meaning it makes no difference to me. LBP 2 was delayed, which was a little annoying, but MM said that they needed more time. But on the other hand there are things like inFAMOUS that came out EARLIER because it was ready earlier.

This story states that the game will be ready by April, and is being delayed for no reason. I was looking forward to playing it early in the year too. MS did the same thing with Halo, they keep doing it, it's getting annoying.

Defective Bot4127d ago

Hopefully Epic work on the MP to make sure the same thing that happened with GeOW2 doesn't happen again.

Led-Zeppelin4127d ago

Excacly Its almost 2011 and Killzone 3 is getting more hype then gears 3. So they are trying to give the consumers 5 more months of hype and time to get he news around that this game is going to be good. In my opinion if they sold it with its original release date, it would have sold very close to gear 2 or much less. This is a very smart move by Microsoft.

dabri54126d ago

Trust me. It wasn't going to be ready by it's original date. This really is a good thing.

gman_moose4126d ago

And no 360 owners are pissed of with M$ (can't stress the $$$$ enough) about this? Holding the game back so it will be the cornerston of their holiday next year, even though they have nothing worth mentioning coming out in the spring, when this was SUPPOSED to ship. No one else sees anything wrong with this? Microsoft has their customers bent over and they just say give me more. Hilarious.

seinfan4126d ago

Do you think EPIC would just twiddle their thumbs for five months? They will get extra time to polish, tweak, and add things to the game. Maybe even go through rigorous online MP testing to minimize glitches and redeem themselves from the awful mess that Gears 2 was.

spacetattoo4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Ok lets not forget about these titles anounced a tgs. Haunt,Project Draco, Codename D, Rise of Nightmares,
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor(most of these games will be kinect enabled)

others known and most likely to appear = kingdoms, gears of war 3, don't forget that another halo wars is due as well. not only that but ninja gaiden is suppost to debut next year. Maybe not a exclusive but xbox does get a year start on that title. plus all the kinect games.
Plenty of games to play through, so what where we all talking about.

Oh yea I forgot, we are at N4G and everything favoring ps3 fans is a must post and talk sh-t.

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ZombieAutopsy4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Why oh why MS, it was one of the few xbox games I was looking forward to next year.

Hands Up For Games4127d ago

Just to make you aware, Fall 2011 is next year.

ShadowCK4127d ago

Yes, God forbid them for allowing Epic Games to prefect their game.

God of War III and GT5 are clearly innocence of this crime.

ZombieAutopsy4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Wow way to go on the defensive ShadowCK, and why is it you need to mention ps3 games in an xbox article you could have made your point by mentioning Alan Wake or Splinter Cell.

@hands up

Yea i know that but its later in the year and i need my GeoW fix as soon as possible

I swear anything you fools perceive as negative you jump on and attack without question...well just to make you guys aware GeoW is one of my favorite franchises so i'm upset like i guarantee many others are .

4127d ago
Hands Up For Games4127d ago

Look at my comment above.

I didnt realise Fall 2011 wasnt actually next year! Sorry guys, ill check my callender more carefully in future.

Why o why4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

i think its more the point that there's nothing/not much but kinectware until gears on the EXCLUSIVES front.....same kinda thing happened in 08 and 09. Those years were relatively baron until their back ends when the heavy hitters were released especially when compared to 07. sad

karl4127d ago Show
SiteNblog Defender4127d ago

Gears of War 3 hasn't been announced 5 years ago unlike GT5.

Why o why4127d ago

its obvious ur new to gaming and if not you sure act dumb like it. GT's always had long development time...difference is they have delivered and probably will again. If gears is improved because of this delay then its a positive. When gt5 releases you'd probably wished forza devs had been so dedicated.

UnwanteDreamz4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

"Gears of War 3 promises to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2011," the Microsoft statement reads. "The teams at Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games have done great work thus far readying the title for release in the Spring of 2011. However, we've elected to move the launch of Gears of War 3 until Fall 2011 to make it the marquee title for the holiday season."

This is not for more dev time this is for sales. They said that they elected to move it. It is plain as day there in black and white. There is nothing wrong with delaying a title for polish and to rid it of bugs. Now show me proof that this is the reason it was delayed.

interrergator4127d ago

um ppl who keeps saying that epic games to perfect there game has nothing to do wat there talking about read the article

SaberEdge4127d ago

It doesn't matter the reason Microsoft gives for the delay, the fact is that it will allow them more time to polish the game.

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Pandemic4127d ago

Wise choice by Microsoft.

danmachine4127d ago

to compete with killzone 3 and black ops.

JustSomeLogic4127d ago

Besides, Gears of War 1 has single handedly sold more copies than the whole Killzone franchise! Oh and before you go talking about quality not quantity...check out the ratings and the number of people that still play gears online.
If they're doing it out of fear, its definately not of killzone 3

talltony4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

what does this have to do with the killzone franchise? It's on a different console.

butterfinger4127d ago

we can be certain about, it's Microsoft is NOT worried about Killzone 3. lol.

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Honky Kong4127d ago ShowReplies(2)
talltony4127d ago

I updated live for a year for reach and gears 3, and now gears 3 will be delayed just so my subscription expires. I dont know about you guys but this pisses me off.

CBaoth4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

My sub runs out in June. I just wonder how many people's gold subscriptions expire between April & September of next year? With their focus squarely on Kinect and its shovelware, does MS expect us to live off multi-plats and Reach DLC for most of 2011?

interrergator4126d ago

i just updated mine a week ago damn pretty much screwed me over big time

knightdarkbox4127d ago

Forza 3 was announced like 5 months before it came out, and Gears of War 2 was announced the same year it was released as well. I bet in 2011 you that have some other big title other then Forza Motorsport 4, Gears of War 3, Project Draco, Steel Battalion, XCom and potentially Kingdoms. Still an impressive lineup 360 as it is.

Oldsnake0074127d ago

LMAO are you serious ? I pity you 360 only owners.

I think it will come out in september 2011 . No way in hell it will come out in November because of Modern Warfare 3.

Gears3 in sept, Uncharted 3 in oct,MW3 in nov .

pretty good times to be a gamer with both consoles.

multipayer4127d ago

So, your already hyping call of duty for 2011? I'm betting the franchise starts to die after Black Ops... And Naughty Dog probably isnt working on Uncharted 3...

hiredhelp4127d ago

plenty of what multiplatform yes.

number474127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

And the quality shines through?Did everyone forget how clustered Gears2 was? M$ is out for pre-orders & advertising.

Enjoy the online this time, im SURE epic's going to make it their top priority...

Hell, when has a Delay/Extended dev time done anything good for Xbox games?

multipayer4127d ago

Online is supposed to have servers this time, so I'm sure the game will be pretty great... It's not like it has been stuck in development forever.

I'm hoping they use this time to make a pc version though.

kewlkat0074126d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo!!!

Imperator4126d ago Show
spacetattoo4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Haunt,Project Draco, Codename D, Rise of Nightmares,
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

Others most likely to show up or already anounced, GEARS OF WAR 3, HALO WARS 2, NINJA GAIDEN(not exclusive but will be for a year), KINGDOMS, SOMETHING FROM RARE,(KILLER INSTANCT, CONKER, PERFECT DARK ZERO) A LOT OF KINECT EXCLUSIVE GAMES. See unlike sony MS usually waits to reveal a lot of games. so we will see. Between all the kinect and hardcore games I think MS is just fine.


Disccordia4126d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3, unless I've missed something has not been confirmed as a timed exclusive. Those other games, whilst they may well be good, are niche Japanese titles. They aren't exactly the big name games that Gears 3 is, that would be expected to shift 360 consoles.

The PS3 has Killzone 3, LBP2, Socom 4, Resistance 3, R&C:A41, Infamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian, WKC2..

Lets not forget we may see the likes of Agent and FFv13 too.

Of course, MS will announce some new games for next year but then so will Sony. And lets not even play the speculation game, because Sony have a LOT of studios/IPs that we could see something from. Finally, there's the chance we may see a fair few HD/3D remakes of games. Even the third parties seem to be going the PS3 exclusive route with these.

I'm sure the 360 will still have some good games next year, but as things stand, the PS3 at the moment has the better line up..

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Petro894127d ago

If Gears 2 is anything to go by then it could do with the extra 5 months.

gillri4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

from a business point of view it makes perfect sense, they will need a big Xmas holiday title next year as the 360 is running out of exclusives and the PS3 will certainly have a few tricks up its sleeve

but with Crysis 2, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Duke Nukem 4ever, Deus Ex HR, do we really need another shooter early next year?

you gotta say the though the game was gonna be blatantly ready for April, it smacks of Epic being Microsoft's lackey

im not fussed anyway Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 will be out around that time, I dont need any more shooters during the first half of the year

MorganX4127d ago

I doubt it. Resistance and KZ really are not competition for Gears. Personal preferences aside, Gears has no direct competition.

Most likely they don't want Brink and Crysis 2 to be diminished by releasing in the same time frame as Gears. Brink is currently bein advertised on XBL.

Active Reload4127d ago

Bold statement, and I agree with 90% of your comment. Gears actually has a semi-direct competitor in Uncharted. But since Gears is Sci-fi it has to go up against those games you mentioned, even though they're 1st person shooters and Gears isn't. Thats why I think Gears is in a league of its own overall.

RonXD4127d ago

Let's see what the 360 fanboys have to say about this.

They are constantly downing Playstation 3 because of game delays. Game delays can actually HELP the final product come out even better than it would have on the original date. So why people talk bad about small game delays is beyond me.

If the delay will make Gears of War 3 better, then i'm all for it.

theonlylolking4127d ago

If the delay is not 12+ months then I am fine with it.

thehitman4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

KZ3 and got scared to be compared so took the option of Res3, but that will just suck for 360 gamers because now like always they have to wait 9 months before they can actually play something good.

hoops4127d ago

You actually beleive Epic games was scared of KZ3?
You beleive that?

nycredude4127d ago

I doubt this has anything to do with Killzone 3. They are on different platforms. It because they need a big game for the holidays and they don't have much bullets left.

thehitman4127d ago

The change was COMPLETELY based off marketing strategy if you have a good game it should sell well if its jan/feb/march or sept/nov/dec. Them changing it back just shows their lack of confidence on their product and the competition around it. Feb KZ3 March Socom4/Crysis/Ghost Recon. They could have left it in april but obviously they knew it would be compared to a bunch of titan games which wont help it any in the fall when CoD/Res come out also.

corneliuscrust4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

they could possibly use the time to improve upon the game?

I LOVE all these kids coming in and posting about internal development.

HOW DO ANY OF US KNOW that Epic didn't want more time and MS said "sure, we'd rather have it out in the fall anyway"

None of us know. Not one. We have so many "experts" here on N4G, it's odd that it's one of the least respected gaming sites on the planet. Pathetic.