Nintendo To Publish Capcom Titles In Europe

Nintendo of Europe today announced that they will be handling the publishing and distribution duties involved with the release of Capcom's highly anticipated Wii title Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

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unsunghero284075d ago

Now that it's first party, you can add a million sales.

Such is the way of the videogame industry...

FreeMonk4075d ago

Real Bad News.

Nintendo always release titles really really late in Europe compared to Japan and the States.

Just look at Trauma Center. It was released at launch in Japan and the US, but we in Europe only got it last week, 9 months AFTER the launch of the Wii in Europe. That just sucks balls!

The look at Mario Galaxy and Smash Brawl, which are slated for end of this year for Japan and States, but already rumored to be arriving in Europe in 2008.

Nintendo suck went releasing titles in the UK, especially compared to Microsoft AND Sony who normally release to UK, USA and Japan within days, sometimes a few weeks. That's the way to do business!

GodofPeace4075d ago

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is highly anticipated...?

BrotherNick4075d ago

If nintendo wants to publish it, maybe.

4075d ago
resistance1004075d ago

Very misleading title. Nintendo are publishing 1 game. Not titleS