19 October Games You'll Gladly Go Broke For

EX: "Face it. Unless you come from a wealthy family, won the lottery recently or are willing to knock over a bank in the next week or so, there's no way in hell you'll be able to afford the deluge of top tier video games that are being released in October. The holiday rush has officially begun, and with it comes at least nineteen smoking hot video game releases that you'd be absolutely insane to even think of passing up."

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lolcatz5044d ago

Jeebus. I didn't even realize there were so many games coming out this month. Just looking at it, I know for a fact I need to get..

-Medal of Honor
-DJ Hero 2
-EA Sports MMA
-NBA Jam
-NBA 2K11

That's 300 bucks right there. :(

Queasy5044d ago

It's getting ridiculous with the number of games that come out for the holidays. You begin to understand why so many publishers decided to delay their games to next year.

deadreckoning6665044d ago (Edited 5044d ago )

Man, EA is doing FANTASTIC this year.

But I'm a little worried about EA MMA. I expected much better from a gameplay standpoint. I know that the demo was like 4 months old but its worth noting that there isn't enough POWER behind the punches, no north-south position, and the AI goes for the takedown WAAAAY too often.

Single-playerwise I think MOH looks great, but from a multiplayer standpoint, it looks like a BC2 mod.

Cryptech5044d ago

Thats one of the reasons I went to gamefly. It pays for itself easy. I just had to get over the fact that I wont be playing the games day one, but its worth all the money I save. $23/month for 2 games out at a time or $300 to have em all. Easy, my savings would be $277 bucks right there. Dont even get me started on Q1 2011, lol!

poopnscoop5044d ago Show
tehk1w15044d ago

If you bought every single one of those games, you'd end up spending $1330 dollars.

In one month.

idunnowutimdoing225044d ago

There are too many games out this month. And there's more in November.

Looks like my Christmas list is going to be full.

-Judge_Fudge5044d ago

yea all im getting is
fallout vegas
naruto ninja storm 2

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Remembering Medal Of Honor: The Forgotten Master Of WW2 Games

Ibrahim from eXputer: "The Medal of Honor franchise was once the crown jewel of FPS war games, later defeated by the tides of time and poor development."

banger8893d ago

They tried to turn it into Call of Duty and it killed it off. They should reboot it and go back to it's roots. But they'd ruin it with online-only/multiplayer style bullshit so why bother? I have very fond memories of these games, but this series can stay dead as far as I'm concerned.

FPS_D3TH92d ago

Was literally just thinking of this game the other week with the secret nut cracker mission and the shooting Bismarck dog lmao. Loved these games as a kid

PrecursorOrb91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I wish they’d remake warfighter

Strictly for the campaign

The_Hooligan91d ago

I have fond memories of playing the Medal of Honor Breakthrough MP Demo. It had two maps and custom servers. Living on campus, I had it downloaded on one of the PC Lab servers so I could access it on any computer at the university. Joined a clan and made friends that I still keep in touch with today.