MGS4: The Beauty and the beast GC trailer

Gametrailers have post some of Snake's deadliest new foes he'll be encountering in MGS4.

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HeartlesskizZ4784d ago

Finally Snake will have more enemys let alone the metal gears

Omegasyde4784d ago

Snake looks like hes F***ed.

Hopefully there is an option to run and use nuclear warheads instead.

Not only will this be the best MGS, but perhaps the hardest?

23478ueyur_9382234784d ago

PSYCHO MANTIS!!!! (Now known as Screaming Mantis.)

HeartlesskizZ4784d ago

OMG i love those Cybor voices. and the stupid soldiers realise is a beast after 2 minutes of shooting. haha funny

Foliage4784d ago

Satanas: I was thinking the same exact thing.

akaFullMetal4784d ago

yea some of the enemies look cool, cant wait for this to come out

gEnKiE4784d ago

holy sh**!!!! that trailer creeps ya out just a bit...

TruthBTold4784d ago

This doesn't seem like a game, it feels more like a playable movie, sick. I can't wait!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.