Far Cry 2 coming to Xbox 360?

GameSpot found a listing for an Xbox 360 edition of Ubisoft's upcoming PC game Far Cry 2. The original Far Cry was a hit for the publisher upon its release for 2004, and the first-person shooter quickly made its way to consoles. However, much like the game's menagerie of mutated mercenaries, the game had been changed along the way. The Xbox played host to Far Cry Instincts and Far Cry Instincts Evolution, while the franchise burst into the new generation of hardware with Far Cry Instincts Predator on the Xbox 360 and Far Cry Vengeance for the Wii. While the GameFly listing offers no description of the game, the fact that the title has remained unchanged suggests that the online rental service expects the Xbox 360 game to be fundamentally the same game as the PC edition.

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MK_Red4076d ago

No a big surprise. FarCry has been a usual for Xbox and FarCry 2 should be no exception. PS3 and Wii versions however are another thing. Wii got the abysmal Vengence but so far, no FarCry game has appeared on a Sony console.

Scrooge4076d ago

I didn't like Far Cry Instincts Predator, I guess there's potential for Far Cry 2. We'll see.

djt234076d ago

to me, on the wii ver they dont even try to create a game


no matter ps3 will have the only real next gen shooters on any platform, so keep it


AngryHippo4075d ago

nice comment, really clever and well said, not spoken like a true fanboy or anything.

nice_cuppa4075d ago

halo 3 is a 360 game.

"owning nubs jutsu !" *pwong*

Mikey_Gee4075d ago

I loved FC on my PC, but as was said above, the FC on the 360 really did suck.

and @ Aizen .... you should pull your head out of the sand, it really is nice here in the real world !!