SFII: Hyper Fighting Review

When Street Fighter II invaded arcades back in 1991 dozens of people would line-up to put their quarters in and then dismantle their opposition. Since it's availability on the Xbox Live Marketplace thousands of gamers are once more flocking around this highly addictive 2d brawler that hosts a set of the most diverse characters that have ever been induced into a videogame!

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speed5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

I don't remember the arcade version AI being that damned cheap! Come on, even on the easiest AI setting I have had my ass handed to me frequently, not strategically either just cheap-ass exploits. Not sure what they were thinking here.

p.s. the controller issue doesn't help the matter either

Scrooge5391d ago

There are lots of comments regarding this issue, I don't seem to have a problem. Ive already beaten it multiple times. Not to brag, but maybe just to give hope.

SDS Overfiend5391d ago

but humans is bullsh1t. top ranked people quit all teh time with suffering any penalties.