Top 10 Videogame Bosses of all time

Which are the most epic and memorable bosses ever? Here you'll find the Top 10 videogame bosses of all time, the best and most difficult battles in the history of videogames!

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SillySundae5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

. hate that guy .

ico925005d ago

I didnt think Psychomantis was that great in comparison to The End in MGS 3

Capt-FuzzyPants5005d ago

Lvos was pretty good too but nice list.

PlayerX5005d ago

Ganondorf in Twilight Princess=best boss battle ever!

the_kutaragi_baka5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

Exdeath pwnds sephiroth..

Exdeath was a better, more serious boss yet had intentions to control everything whereas destroying everything. Which is a mindset than most final bosses IMO.

I am Neo-X-death!

I shall erase all memory...

All existence...alldimensions

Then i too shall erase myself...

for eternity!

Eamon5005d ago

Kefka tops Sephiroth in terms of successfully doing his fucking job of destroying everything.

versusALL5005d ago

Yeah but who was more badass, and look cooler, oh yeah, SEPHIROTH

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