"Capcom Got The Memo" Look at this list

Oh and I know I'm missing some games from the above list but here are some Rumored games in development at Capcom.

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FriedGoat5046d ago

Screw the list! Enlarge the screenshot!

Convas5046d ago

I added your 27th agree because it need to be divisible by 9. Thus representing that for every 9 who agreed with you, 1 did not.

JLeVRT5046d ago

i only clicked for the screen shot

smashking5046d ago

Japanese girls always get me

GodsHand5046d ago

But do you always get the Japanese girls?

midgard2295046d ago

thats just mean lol. honestly japanese americans are way to hard to find to even get a fair chance

RandomGamer5046d ago

Bubbles+ just for the lols of that one

COINTELPRO5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

I do. Just cosplay as a tentacle rape monster and snatch them to your van, they'll be laughing and whatnot but this is where you remove your outfit and initiate surprise sex, this is where the laughing stops and the fun begins.

na-no-nai5046d ago

hopefully capcom deliver qualities games for 3DS, so far looking good
hopefully resident evil is super scary and that monter hunter 3DS is real

smashking5046d ago

monster hunter in Japan will be a Giant

Perjoss5046d ago

not bad list but I'd really like to see Monster Hunter in the 360 or ps3, even if it's just a decent port of Tri with up res textures / models.

Titanz5046d ago

Consider the Wii, "dead" to them.

visualb5046d ago

probably the new source of market growth for Nintendo
+ better tech/hardware to work with probably.