Crackdown Preview

The Grand Theft Auto series revolutionized the way gamers approach mission-based games. Linear paths are a thing of the past, "go anywhere, do anything" is the way of the future. It is this free-roaming genre of gaming that Crackdown, developed by Real Time Worlds and published by Microsoft Game Studios, is going to attempt to conquer this fall on Xbox 360's around the world.

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mikeeno75391d ago

October 2007? I thought it was being released this winter! Shows how much i know!!

assjacket5391d ago

Yeah, thats a bit of a surprise. I just looked at a couple of other sites and they have different dates, Q4 2006, Q1 2007. Seeing that there is a huge difference there I would expect that it isn't coming out this year. I hope that this is a mistake though, I would like to see this game early 2007 at the latest. I think that releasing this at the same time as GTA4 would be folly as most people will be getting GTA4(that like this kind of game) without even a second thought.
Since Crackdown is made by the guy that started GTA I can only hope the writer was thinking of that when he wrote that date!!