Is 'Bioshock' the best game of 2007?

By John Ryan

"Go out right now and get a copy of "BioShock.

"No, I mean it. Stop reading. Go to the store and get 2K Games' new M-rated shooter/survival horror/adventure/RPG title for Xbox 360 and PC. If you love gaming, if you think gaming can be a form of art, if you like your digital entertainment to be smart, stylish and suspenseful, "BioShock" is for you. It's also a serious Game of the Year candidate.

"Why? Because "Bioshock" combines several genres with amazing results. Then there's the smooth gameplay, mixed with gorgeous graphics and some of the best sound direction in ages. What's more, "BioShock" brings with it a fresh energy and intelligence from the opening moments to the ending."

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the greatest4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

(reply) hold up the game is ok i give 8.5
what i dont like theres no multiplayer
the story ok but not great
gears of war had a better feel 2 it
plus i will wait until other games get release
halo 3, uncharted drake's fortune, Heavenly Sword
Super Mario Galaxy ,Mass Effect so until then
good bye

G_CodeMonkey4078d ago

At least be specific and put down some cogent reasons, otherwise your opinion will be discounted (and/or ignored) as either a pre-pubescent fanboy or that you have nothing intelligent to say. gCM

WaggleLOL4078d ago

No way, yep.

Best marketing hype? Yep.

Most overhyped game of 2007? Maybe, that turd Halo 3 probably edges it out.

It's nice to see the game bombing in sales putting gamers through a bunch of pointless hype for an otherwise mediocre title.

Satanas4078d ago

This story is not a duplicate, it is MSNBC's review which was posted today.

BaMYouRDeaD4078d ago

Yeah, this isn't a duplicate. There are similar stories, but they're not the same.

ngg123454078d ago

When halo 3, uncharted drake's fortune, Heavenly Sword, R&C TOD, mass effect, ut3, dark sector, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and MP3 haven't come out?

Satanas4078d ago

Let's not forget about COD4!

BaMYouRDeaD4078d ago

Yeah, I forgot about Super Mario Galaxy. Knowing the hype behind Halo 3 though, I'm guessing that'll take game of the year. But ever since I got Bioshock yesterday, I've been hooked. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it got game of the year.

ShiftyLookingCow4078d ago

unless Mass Effect has an awesome story (seems unlikely from reading first part of the prequel, it will still be fun) Bioshock will be overall game of the year. IMO the only game that could have given it competition is MGS4(its the last one, there is no way Kojima will mess it up).

ShiftyLookingCow4078d ago

I should have said my game of the year, obviously its my personal preference. Yeah Halo 3, Mario and Metroid Prime will be serious contenders too.

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The story is too old to be commented.