TheGameFanatics: Should zombies be in Black Ops?

Travis of TGF writes:

"There comes a time in the gaming world were a line should be put down. Recently, Treyarch announced that they are going to have what fans have been craving for: zombies. The thing that I find funny is that, the developer is supposedly going with something new. Inserting zombies inside a game that is supposed to be based off realism is the wrong way to go."

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Gloomy Sunday2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I did, and I'm well aware of the point they're trying to make... it asked a question, and I answered. no reason to get butt-hurt

FriedGoat2943d ago

This is going to sell well. Not sure why, all the treyarch call of duty games are inferior to infinity ward. i don't even remember playing anything other than 1, 2, 4 and mw2. I have faint memories of world at war, but that was just when i walked up to the counter and traded it in for something else.

vickers5002943d ago

MW2 better than WaW? What are you smoking?

gamerdude1322943d ago

There ya go, Vickers. Finally, someone who thinks that MW 2 sucked and [email protected] was much, much better.

NLGSean2943d ago

I personally loved Modern Warfare... World at War is awesome, but I really disliked Modern Warfare 2's storyline... IW went way too "Hollywood" with the dumb twists and turns... The ending made me want to chuck a fire log through my TV screen...

gamerdude1322943d ago

IW CoD games were inferior to World at War, I don't know what you guys were talking about. Man, biggest group of fanboys I've ever seen.

And yes, zombies should be put in the game. I probably won't play much of it, but yeah, they should.

Focker-4202943d ago

Zombies really exist, but never involved in the Cold War or Vietnam. In Haiti they have a zombification process, it is very real, just look up 'Haiti zombies' on google...

NLGSean2943d ago

This kat is right... I dated a few zombies... I still pay child support to one of them...

raWfodog2943d ago

How can adding extra content to a game be a negative? If you don't like it, simply don't play it. As expensive as games are nowadays, it's nice to feel like you're getting your money's worth. As far as I know, they aren't incorporating it into the single-player campaign, are they? If not, then I file this under 'not an issue'

Hercules2943d ago

I see where you are coming from. But my point is the mode really needed? Is it something to say "at least we have this just in case everything else falls." if i wanted to shoot zombies i would play Dead Rising 2. I want a military FPS game, that will get more intense. I want a propelling story that will have me wanting me. Just my opinion. Thank your comment though. It's all opinion, which is why it is under "opinions" hate or love it, we all have one

crimsonfox2943d ago

"How can adding extra content to a game be a negative?" confuse me holmes

"I want a propelling story that will have me wanting me."

NLGSean2943d ago

Well your opinion sucks rotting zombie balls...

Bring on the undead!!!

raWfodog2943d ago

Well, of course its not 'needed', but in that case, do we really 'need' another COD? The popularity and sales of the series suggest that it's definitely wanted. And the success of the zombie mode in COD:WaW almost guaranteed that they would include that mode in future releases. The point is that you are getting your military FPS and you don't even have to touch the zombie mode.

Now, I could see more of point if you are arguing that you wish they took that time to develop more story into the main campaign instead of giving you a shorter campaign and then adding a zombie mode. I, for one, think that developers aren't giving us enough of a single-player game experience and are starting to rely more and more on multiplayer.

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