New Medal of Honor Singleplayer Commercial

The first TV commercial for MoH will air on October 2

RyuDrinksTheDew4627d ago

its nice knowing, when the day comes, i can just walk in and get my copy.

the magic of paying ahead of time.

TIER 1 DAY 1!!

pacosanchez884627d ago

not to impressed with this trailer. it certainly doesnt have the emotional wieght of the "Voicemail" trailer

Oldsnake0074627d ago

lol this is not a trailer, it's a tv ad.

pacosanchez884626d ago

hmmm, i guess i overlooked that. even still, it just doesnt grab my attention. i just pass it off as another shooter.

4627d ago
Stewie2k84627d ago

Did it just say "These are the most elite operators in the world"? Suuure and i'm the greatest gamer in the world!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4627d ago

Another reason to get Moh SP is in 1080p. Fucking sweet!

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