Uncharted 2 visuals on Xbox360? Yes, indeed.

Castlevania: Lords of shadow is shaping up to be one of the most visually stunning games of this generation.

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DasBunker3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

With the camera angle 500 feet away you can make anything look like U2 lol...

keep dreaming.. 5 years and counting

its pure flamebait, why couldnt he just say the game looks stunning and leave it at that.. oh thats right U2 is the graphical benchmark on consoles, but still flamebait.

immortal843339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

"ts pure flamebait, why couldnt he just say the game looks stunning and leave it at that.. oh thats right U2 is the graphical benchmark on consoles, but still flamebait."

It isn't flamebait. The author mentioned that he wrote an article in June and he listed five games (Lords of Shadow is one of them) that do have the potential to match the best visuals seen in many PS3 exclusives. Also Uncharted 2 is the graphical benchmark on consoles so comparing it to Uncharted 2 is rational.

DasBunker3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

and the point is?.. still flamebait.

@ acky

"People on this site will automatically react negatively to any comparison made with the almighty uncharted 2 and any hint at it being better than it.

Then people might understand that graphics don't make a great game, only add to one. "

so youre OK with the comparisons then you go on about how graphics dont make a great game? and what "hints"? we have eyes too you know and its lame cuz none of the games compared to U2 come close to it.. EVERYTIME. its just for hits.

MrMccormo3339d ago

It should be telling that every game coming out keeps getting compared to Uncharted 2 (nearly a year old), God of War III (several months old), and Killzone 2 (over a year and a half old)...

We've all heard this "as good looking as Uncharted 2" hype before. Don't believe it until you see it, and I've definitely not as good looking as U2. it's a beautiful game, but not even close to U2.

acky13339d ago

Why so many disagrees for immortal's comment....?
Everything he says is true.

People on this site will automatically react negatively to any comparison made with the almighty uncharted 2 and any hint at it being better than it.
I really hope crysis 2 looks better than uncharted 2 to see how people react on here.

Then people might understand that graphics don't make a great game, only add to one.

boodybandit3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Rational or not it's definitely not reality.
Uncharted 2 is clearly the better looking game.

How many articles are we going to get like this? The only, at least so far, games that surpass PS3 exclusives are other / newer PS3 exclusives.

nycredude3339d ago


The only reason why people react this way is because we have eyes and we look at the screens and videos and we played Uncharted 2. it's freaking clear as day none of these games match up. If it did then I would be impress. At the moment it's just FUD and flamebait trolling for hits.

Uncharted 2 can hang with most pc games IMO, and I play all my pc games on max settings.

MaxXAttaxX3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

even though the PS3 version performs better(according to GameSpot, IGN or whatever)

acky13339d ago


It's always ok to make comparisons with games...especially comparing it to such a good looking game. And of course graphics don't make a great game. Are you trying to argue otherwise?

I've never been obsessed with graphics in my games...thats why games like mario kart looks a hell of a lot better than modnation racers. I like visually pleasing games, don't care about the specs.

SilentNegotiator3339d ago

GOW3 has even better graphics than Uncharted 2, and GOW3 has an even bigger scale than Castlevania.

Sorry, no go, flamebait writing vgarabia.

PSFan1003339d ago

"Uncharted 2 visuals on Xbox360? Yes, indeed"

No, indeed. The animation isn't even close to uncharted 2. The character model here is too far away and you can't see a high level of detail on it. The character model doesn't even seem to get affected by water or snow unlike uncharted, Nathan actually gets wet and covered in snow. Look at the environment (bushes) in the video, it doesn't even move (or react) when he runs through it! My opinion is UC2 looks better not to mention GOW3, KZ2 (KZ3). Your opinion is this looks on par (article author) "Uncharted 2 visuals on Xbox360? Yes, indeed", so who's right?

pustulio3339d ago

I seriously was going to say that PS3 fanboys will start bashing this and saying it's impossible and bla bla bla the usual BS But i watched the video and it's not like UC2.

I'm not the biggest PS3 fan but i'm sorry 360 comrades this is not like UC2, it does look good but to be honest it doesn't look like or better than UC2.

sikbeta3339d ago

LAME... comparing a multiplat game on x360 that is probably, the same as the the PS3 version, with an Exclusive PS3 game? Please, that's not make any favor to the x360...

LastDance3339d ago

Ok, im surprised none of you fanboys have actually brought up the REAL argument here.

Castlevania (Like God Of War) has a fixed camera position. Meaning that A LOT of bits can merely be rendering CGI 2D plains as oppose to full 3D like in Uncharted.

That is why this whole argument is null. Without a full rotatable camera, you can't judge what is great graphics and what is a great smokescreen.

MikeGdaGod3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

it does not's settled. no need to argue, we all can go back to playing games

EDIT: good point LastDance

DaTruth3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Oh please just give it up already! These guys will never quit!

Stop gazing over at the other side of the fence and just jump over! The grass really is greener and has MLAA now!

SaberEdge3338d ago

I'll have to see it on my own tv before I decide how it compares to any other game. Besides, does it really matter? It looks gorgeous without a doubt.

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jellybalboa3339d ago

woteva fanboys, still trying to be optimistic!!

sikbeta3339d ago

You damn right... 5 years and not a single game that can be compared with the Holy Trinity = UC2 + GOWIII + KZ2 (next one is KZ3D)....

units3339d ago

gow of war and castlevania now have something in common

ELite_Ghost3339d ago

they both look good, just not U2 good...

UnSelf3339d ago

god of war looks better than U2

U2 is just more consistent

ChozenWoan3339d ago

oh.. the submitter was being serious.


Yea, every game not released for the 360 now looks as good as UC2... then it gets released and reality sets in.


number473339d ago Show
TheBlackSmoke3339d ago

Lol for real, so far this year we've been told on n4g that Splinter cell conviction, Alan wake and Halo:reach will beat Killzone 2 and/or Uncharted 2 in terms of graphics during the build up to their releases and then its literally been crickets and tumbleweed about it after its out. Same shit happens with Multiplats too and the next one to fail the challenge will be Crysis 2.

KiRBY30003339d ago

you forgot Metro 2033, it was supposed to outdo KZ2 visuals...

Triella3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I agree with everything said above as great as Castlevania is, it does not compare to these games, fact :

Sony3603339d ago

Good thing alot of these games matched (and in most cases surpasses) both games when it came to gameplay and multiplayer.

Scotland-The-Brave3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

But thats not what is being discussed here.We are discussing GRAPHICS. Its true though, every high profile game that comes out for 360 is touted as having better graphics than U2 or K2 or GOW3 and they always fall flat.

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Aquarius3339d ago

Heavy Rain and GOWIII has already surpassed Uncharted 2 2009's visuals

poor, poor 360 fanboys

first it was
Mass Effect 2
Alan WAIT!


number473339d ago

best laugh of the day.. well besides...

What do you call two wizards playing basketball against eachother?

Wand on Wand...

heyyoooo. Nah this was way more funny.

Rubberlegs3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Heavy Rain looks garbage compared to Uncharted 2. Heavy Rain has some great looking character models but it so unpolished it terms of the level design. Some levels look good, others just don't mix right at all and look dated.

Uncharted 2 looks so good because of the polish that went into it and some amazing textures. Also all the big set pieces, any game can look good but for an action/shooter game these days they need those type of big set pieces that will set the game apart from others.

Caffo013339d ago

i think U2 is still the king of console graphics...just my opinion!

Aquarius3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

you can't really compare Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 because they're both opting for a different feel...

"Heavy Rain has some great looking character models but it so unpolished it terms of the level design"

is that it?
you must have not played Heavy Rain...saying its garbage, 95% of the time I was playing it, didn't feel like I was playing a game because it was so realistic actually TOO REALISTIC (it's not meant to follow the rules of your traditional game, it's about real life )

"but for an action/shooter game these days they need those type of big set pieces that will set the game apart from others."

So what about art? Castlevenia is very very artistic. Trying not to look at videos of Castlevenia because I don't want to spoil it, the art really stands out in that game.

Heavy Rain
GOWIII all offer a different vibe in regards to the graphics but each one is better than the other in terms of graphics.

Next up is GT5.

karl3339d ago

kratos looks extremely real to me...

uncharted 2 details are maybe unbeatable still i think GOW3 looks the best

Sony3603339d ago

Poor, poor ps3 fanboys.

Forgetting about decent gameplay and harping on about graphics.

Organization XII3339d ago

and probably K3 will surpass them all, hahaha while 360 fanboys will wait for halo4??

Scotland-The-Brave3339d ago

Poor Poor xbots, feeling rather jealous are we?

DaTruth3339d ago

he MLAA does a lot for GoW3 and the textures were just wild in that game. But the art direction in Uncharted 2 is stunning. Uncharted 3 will be mind blowing with MLAA.

Heavy Rain looks great but on a technical level it falls short, being that there just isn't much going on there like explosions and whole levels in motion that the other games have!

gameraxis3339d ago

yea ok kid, like u2 and gow3 didn't have excellent gameplay to match... i'll go as far to say a high caliber ps3 exclusive usually has better GAMEPLAY and better GRAPHICS than anything on the 360... wait until they fix the stuff in k2 and release k3 then go back and look at reach, and OPEN YOUR EYES, i just bought the 360 slim (second 360) first one broke 3 months after the ps3 came out and i made a decision to get the ps3, always loved the xbox 1 and ps2 now i like both now once again, but the 360 is simply outdated, not to mention the extra 78mb of ram sone released for the devs to use, that puts it over the 360 specs, and the type of ram in the cell is twice as fast as the 360's anyways... again i love both consoles and 360 games can def look great, but the astonishing looking ones are on the ps3... and look it up, there's a video that explains the cell architecture ram thing, so if u have 256mb of ram in the 360 and 256mb of ram in the ps3 (which is now around 330) the cell architecture and new ram pipelines transfer data twice as fast and that's being modest. before the disagrees look for the video

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TK4213339d ago

Uh No, and they can keep their wonky animations as well.

TK4213339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

They're trying their best to get hits

TheBlackSmoke3339d ago

Just go and play the train chapter from Uncharted 2 and this article becomes so lol worthy.

Naughty Dog didn't get all those awards for nothing, Castlevania really looks good but its not touching one of the most well received games ever made in ANY department.

Brklynty13339d ago

No xbox game, nor multiplat will best a ps3 exclusive. can we just drop it now?

MorganX3339d ago

eh, have you seen the snow in UC2? It is possible. It may not have been done yet, but of course it can be done. UC2 isn't "that" good. The overall presentation hasn't been matched though. Based on this video, neither Castlevania or Naughty Dog can do snow in HD yet.

gtsentry3339d ago

thats wat killzone 3 is upto

MorganX3339d ago

UC2 has no snow, and from the looks of it neither does Castlevania. Why would I go looking for snow, when I have UC2 and that Castlevania clip. Finding other snow isn't going to change the fact that snow in both are masses of white pixels and nothing like snow.

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bustamove3339d ago

Lol, I laughed when I saw the title.

Jazz41083339d ago

uncharted and uncharted 2 are the king of the cartoon games.

4pocalyps33339d ago

you're forgetting about uncharted 2!

DatNJDom813339d ago

Wheres the logic in this? Castlevania runs better on PS3 according to many reviews and this game doesnt look as good as UC2. So it looks as good as Uncharted 2 on 360? As Das Bunker said 5 years and counting. As usual PS3 exclusives are still the benchmark on consoles. Funny how 360 fans knock them but are dying to have a 360 game reach that level. Guess they're green with envy.

gamerdude1323339d ago

In which case, God of War 3 looks horrible. Killzone 2 looks horrible. Gears of War 2 looks horrible, Halo Reach looks horrible, Unreal Tournament 3 looks horrible, Splinter Cell Conviction looks horrible, Batman Arkham Asylum looks horrible, Metal Gear Solid 4 looks horrible, Grand Theft Auto IV looks horrible, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 looks horrible, and inFamous looks horrible.

Man, who even approved this? We're having stupid conversation over whether or not Castlevania looks decent compared to Uncharted 2. Why can't you accept the fact that THE GAME LOOKS FANTASTIC and move on??

ABizzel13339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

The environments yes, everything else no.

It's comparable on one aspect of Uncharted and that's the environment.

The character models are only detailed in cutscenes, and the camera is zoomed so far out it's hard to get a good look at them.

The game looks good, but not U2 quality just yet. That goes to show how much quality went into Uncharted 2, it's nearly a year old and still has little competition outside of other PS3 exclusives for best looking graphics.

IMO there's the Uncharted level which includes games like (Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Flower, Gran Turismo 5, and Crysis PC). Those games represent the best of their genre and platform as far as graphics are concerned. After that then the next tiers come such as FF13, Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed, LBP, Forza 3, etc...

And Come 2011 there will be more games entered into that top tier.

doa7663339d ago

GN gave Uncharted 2 10 in graphics and 9.5 overall
GT gave Uncharted 2 9.8 in graphics and 9.3 overall

IGN gave Lord of Shadows 8.5 in graphics and 7.5 overall
GT gave Lord of Shadows 9.0 in graphics and 7.9 overall

if you think that looks as good as Uncharted 2 you fall in one of the follwing groups:

-xbots in deep denial who still plan to buy Kinect and play with that tiger

-people who never played Uncharted 2 on a HDTV

-people in dire need of glasses


no game on 360 beats Uncharted 1 in terms of graphics, a few match it but none clearly surpasses it

and god of war 3, killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are on completely different level, far from what the 360 can achieve

shoddy3339d ago

next they will say Crysis 2 on console then Rage, then until 2012 maybe they will catch up.

FACTUAL evidence3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

UC2 visuals, then I'm bill gates..........this looks cool, but uc2 is cuttin it.

gameraxis3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

looks great, but still, people who don't have an eye for what advanced tech u1 and especially u2 used will say ( oh it looks just as good) but its probably missing half the detail, differed rendering ( in k2's case ) and i personally think GOW3 is the new graphics king but that's just me... throw a few green plants, rocks, and some good lighting and people that don't know what to look for go (OMGZ IT LOOKZ JUSTZ LIKEZ UNCHARTEDZ)

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wat6343339d ago ShowReplies(7)
bananasNmonkeys3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )


zetsuei13339d ago

From what i have seen at HD videos, not a chance in hell.

Besides Uncharted 2 is a 2009 game they needed all that time just to REACH (and not surpass) UC2 in graphics?! Seriously that sounds even more lame than awesome.