Editorial: 3DS Too Expensive For Kids

Jordan Lund, columnist for GameStooge, states the 3DS will flop because parents won't buy it.

Excerpt: "The original DS wasn’t just cheap, it looked like a tank. It looked like a game system designed under the old Soviet Union. In short, to parents, it looked indestructible. They had no problem throwing $150 at a toy (soon discounted to $130) since for all intents and purposes it looked like their kids couldn’t harm it. It didn’t hurt that GameBoy Advance cartridges were compatible with the device."

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gamerzBEreal172966d ago

it's not the kids who are buying it, it's the parents

Gue12966d ago

what is the difference?

qface642966d ago

the parents have money while the kids do not?

MrMccormo2966d ago

It won't flop as the title suggests, but it won't be a smash hit like the DS until the price is below $200. But Nintendo will still be selling and marketing the DSi for many years to come, so it makes no difference to them.

darthv722966d ago

well for me...I bought the dsi and let the kids play the ds lite. When this comes out they will want to play but I will be one of those parents who tell them to just watch as i play and enjoy the 3ds.

Is that wrong?

Expensive for kids....but not me.

Imperator2965d ago


That's kinda cruel man, lol.

Hideo_Kojima2965d ago

Yeah because it would be hard for kids to buy it with their own money...

You know you need to sell a lot of lemonades to save up $300

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StanLee2966d ago

Yeah but is it really for kids? I don't think it is. The early software lineup is aimed at the core gamer, not kids.

UnwanteDreamz2965d ago

What's core gamer? No true definiton has been agreed apon. Seems reall simplistic. I've seen kids farm for pokemon on multiple DS at once, pretty hardcore to me. I was a "core" gamer as a kid.

SilentNegotiator2965d ago

I still don't see a $300 handheld gaming device selling anywhere near as much as the original DS, because I don't see parents budging as easily to shell out that much.

n4f2965d ago

i think mario kart and paper mario will make the sales sky rocket the rest will fallow

pain777pas2965d ago

Once we know the definitive line up we will determine whether its a must to buy immediately or not. I will be getting the system at some point. If Zelda, RR, SSF4 and the mighty MGS are launch titles....I have no choice but plunk down the cash.

punkpop1012965d ago

Basically it's the kids who are playing it it's their parents.

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poopface12966d ago

1) DS isnt cheap today, even thought its old ass tech.

2) Do we even know the price outside of japan?

3) handhelds don't seem to be for kids in japan. In Japan it seems like Handhelds are the way most people, kids or adults, play over there.

saint_john_paul_ii2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

usually its more expensive when stuff like this sells outside Japan. right now all we know is, that the 3Ds is going to cost 25000 Yen. thats about $300 USD.

AWBrawler2965d ago

Handheld gaming has become huge in Japan, and i think they are trying to do the same over here, by releasing a home console quality handheld system. I myself love handhelds, because i can take them with me. I always seem to clock in more hours on portable games.

Also the 3DS at $300 is not official, it may be $250 or less, so everyone calm down already

eagle212966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Early adopters vs. late adopters are most always Adults/Teens (early) vs. kids (later with price drops). And some kids (I'm assuming kid means 12 and under) will have this day

This article fails. It's called a 3DS so that the "DS" name (DS lites, DSi, DSi XL's) continue to sell right along with it at whatever your budget allows. And it has BC as well. :)

Hank Hill2966d ago

Did you guys think you would get 3D for cheap?

n4gn4gn4gn4g2966d ago

brats I see running around with iPod Touch' should do ok.

Plus...I have 3 kids...I'll just sell one and use the money on the other two.

rexus123452965d ago

Not a good comparison
To most parents, iPod touch is a music player that has some other functionalities - no harm if kids want it
But a DS is a gaming device that would cause their kid to fail at school - no way even if it is cheaper than iPod touch

winlonghorn2965d ago

Why is it that people always blame video games for the failure of kids?!? If the parents are responsible enough to take the stupid thing away from the kids until they do their school work, we wouldn't have this issue! If I was a parent, and my child was flunking school, they wouldn't see the DS or any other game system for at least a month! Why it is so hard to do that anymore is beyond me! By the way, the DS even does more than just gaming lol. That argument is pointless! :) Playing a video game is not going to change a child's personality. Either they want to do school work, or they don't (Period)! ;)

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