Super Rub-a-Dub outsells Calling all Cars! in Europe

During Sony's press conference at the Leipzig Game Convention, the boss of Sony Europe David Reeve detailed sales numbers on a handful of key PSN titles. Leading the pack was Tekken 5 with 103k sold, followed up by flOw with 47k sold. The really interesting thing though is that Super Rub-a-dub outsold Calling all Cars!, 34k to 31k. It's pretty bad when David Jaffe's baby can't even outsell one of the worst reviewed titles on the PSN.

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ngg123454437d ago

I can't believe this garbage.

techie4437d ago

It's cheap :) £2.99. CAC is £4.99

Meus Renaissance4437d ago

That and they also dont release trials of most the PSN games. The duck game was actually kind of fun + cheap, I think I might just download it now actually :)

LeShin4437d ago

I agree with Meus. Just goes to show that reviews don't really matter that much.

Barreldragon004437d ago

I would say something on the matter but my sisters bought Supper rub-a-dub and got Calling all cars from a friend. so i gess thats the reason CAC is a fun game you want to share with your friends and SRD is a game you dont want your friends to know you have. ;)

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