Body-On With ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Across the World

Posted by Teemu Mäki-Patola CEO, Virtual Air Guitar Company: Hello out there! This is Teemu Maki-Patola from Virtual Air Guitar Company back to give you a quick update on all of our latest happenings over the last month. And what a month it’s been! For those of you that missed it, we gave not one, but TWO huge body-on sneak peeks for Kung-Fu LIVE at some of the biggest gaming events in the world. We went to gamescom and PAX Prime to let thousands of players on both sides of the pond step into the action of our game for the first time. We were able to meet up with our fellow ninjas Jeff ‘Air’ Rubenstein and Rey ‘The Fury’ Gutierrez at PAX to get them jumping, kicking, and firing lightning bolts at baddies like never before.

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StarScream4Ever2945d ago

Well this is a slap to Kinect's face. Or eyes.

divideby02945d ago

^ I'd call it a bitsch slap in MS face

Godmars2902945d ago

Should have had that little kid playing. See how well it could track him. If at all.

KingME2945d ago

I think it looks pretty lame myself. I know I'll get some disagrees, but that game looks whack even by 2D platformer standards.

It's also funny now how PS3 fanboys are suddenly okay with controller free gaming.

Topshelfcheese2945d ago

I'll agree with you that it looks lame, but actually playing it is a different story. I had a blast when I played it. They just need to add online network fighting so you can beat up your friends and it will rock.

masterofpwnage2945d ago

They been okay with it, it's called eyetoy.
They hate it when you guys for get that eyetoy ever existed, like what you did right there

blackburn52945d ago

Ummmm!!!! I thought we always had controller free gaming since the Eyetoy. So what's your point again?

Bigpappy2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

This game and Kung-fu Rider, has got to be the silliest and lamest attemps I have seen of all the motion control game I have seen so far. I know most of those who are saying it is showing up Kinect, would not touch this game with a 10ft pole. If it sells for $10 on PSN, maybe some will give it a try else, $5 bargin bin.

The fight is a good idea that needs a lot of work geting the bugs fixed and the gameplay to work properly. But this game I have no hopes for.

cliffbo2945d ago

playstation had controller-less gaming long before kinect existed. lol

StarScream4Ever2945d ago

KingME, MS has been going around stating that Kinect could do motion control gaming without controllers for a while now. But the Eyetoy has been out for quite a long time now. It is just until now that its potential is being tapped now that MS dares cunning developers to prove them wrong with the Eyetoy.

ChozenWoan2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

The problem we have with controlerless gaming is that it is limited in what it can do. It's useless for most of the gaming genres and thus useless as a "complete platform".

However, as true gamers, we do enjoy some casual controller free gaming under 2 conditions.

1. It's not the only type of gaming we can look forward to on the system.

2. It actually works. Eyetoy/PSEye games are being played today in homes across the world. On the other hand, Kinect has been shown mostly by actors miming the games, or in tightly controlled conditions that don't exist in 90% of gamer's homes. As for the few times it's been shown "in the wild" it's been a very poor showing on Kinect's part.

to Bigpappy

Kung Fu Riders looks to suck monkey dung... but Kung Fu Live looks to make everyone the next Scot Pilgram. (did I really just type that) *runs off in shame.*

Moonboots2945d ago

Was just going to say.. Looks very 2D.. Reminds me of Kung-Fu Master or something. Have to give it a try.

Imperator2945d ago


But this is exactly what Kinect does. So you think the same thing about Kinect?

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n4gn4gn4gn4g2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

of Eye Toy circa 2004!

At 35 seconds he says first controller free fighting experience on any

Sega Superstars: Virtua Fighter for PS2 EyeToy...LEARN YOUR HISTORY BOY

Peckham-Pouncer2945d ago




testerg352945d ago

k.. you don't see the difference? You have to move sidewards. Its 2d.. You're neck is gonna hurt after a while.

8-bit2945d ago

You don't think your arms will hurt having to hold them up for most Kinect games? Look at this shitty Pac Man Kinect game. After 10 minutes I would need some sort of brace to hold my arms up.

Why o why2945d ago

wax off

it was meant to be hard cause thats all i saw that lady doing in the first clip i ever saw of pac man

testerg352945d ago

Right.. then why not mention Move? Last I checked you have to wave your arms around also.

8-bit2945d ago

Testerg35, When I play move, not only am I usually on the couch, but I hold the controller down and not right out in front of my face. When I stand, the controller is about waist level, again I don't have to hold my arms out for extended periods of time.

Seriously try this every one, hold your arms out in front of yourself like the guy in the video does. Hold your arms in front of your face for 5 minutes.

Moonboots2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

8-bit: I agree your arm's will get tired. I know when I'm playing Gladiators on the Move my arms start to burn after 20 minutes or so(guess I'm wimpy haha) but doesn't make it any less fun. I don't plan on playing this type of game for hours on end that's why I have my controller games.

But anyway, that is not a Pac-Man game, it's just a brain training exercise from the full Brain Training game.

This game looks exhausting.

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