Metroid Prime: Corruption preview

IGN plays through the first third of Samus Aran's latest adventure. Detailed impressions and 60 glorious 480p screenshots.

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anthonsh4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

"Prime 3 boasts some of the best boss battles in any videogame, period" - IGN

Maybe that 10/10 from Nintendo power wasnt so far fetched after all?

This is a VERY good preview.

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zerolinkgannon4074d ago

Read the IGN read the 1up will see a major damn difference..1 up sucks a$$

anthonsh4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Read this opening paragraph from the 1UP preview:

Developer Retro Studios certainly took its time polishing up Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the latest first-person adventure starring Nintendo's sexy-under-all-that-armor heroine Samus Aran. This Wii follow-up to 2004's MP2: Echoes was originally supposed to launch alongside Nintendo's funky wand-controlled console last fall.

Wow. I know "Internet" "Video-Game" journalism is a far cry from the real thing, but when you're writing a preview, do you really need to open up with 15 insults? This would be like opening up an Halo 3 preview by mentioning that the XBox360 breaks down a lot, and that you hate the controller because its too big for your hands, etc. etc.

I want to punch that reviewer in the face.

Oh, and it took me WAY to long to find the preview... Clicked Metroid preview, it was 8th on a list... Clicked on it again, it went to Metroid but not the preview, clicked on it again...

unsunghero284074d ago

That is an absolutely stunning preview.

All of the quotes that can silence Wii naysayers...

"However, the truth is that Corruption is the best looking Prime game to date and very easily Wii's flagship visual stunner."

"Corruption plays better than any of its predecessors due in large to the new Wii control scheme."

"It yields the fastest and most responsive first-person controls in any Wii game to date -- possibly in any home console game ever -- and it alone makes the experience so thoroughly enjoyable that you won't want to put the Wii remote and nunchuk down."

"Critics have complained that first-person games on Wii have yet to prove their control superiority to those on other consoles, but we really do think that Prime 3 will open some eyes."

"'s an amazing experience both mechanically and visually. If this is truly the end of Retro's magnificent trilogy, Samus Aran will have gone out on a very high note indeed."

ShadoWulf4074d ago

This is what I like to see. Now we know that there's a use for all of those achievements, as well as application of WiiConnect24. This game is looking to be the Wii's killer app. The screens look nice too. Rundus looks strange in his PED suit, though.

I expect to be saving some major Federation Trooper butt on the 28th :D

P.S. New videos on the preview channel tomorrow! Even one titled "dark samus"!