EMEAA Weekly Chart for Week Ending 25th Sep 2010

EMEAA Hardware

DS - 91,984
360 - 84,823
PS3 - 73,108
Wii - 53,256
PSP - 27,986
PS2 - 15,353

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HuGi3330d ago

Lets see what Kinect does for the 360.

sdtarm3330d ago

Its weird that on the 2cond week of Reach 360 has fallen so close to the PS3, only place that seems to hold up very well is UK but i though sales would be falling down only till october and then keep it up a bit for holidays with kinect. Sony seems to have done a good and discrete job with move

units3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

before reach came out the 360 slim was doing the 80k for 3 weeks and with the likes of kinect fable 3 forza bundle coming out it really is no brainier things will pick up from there well into the holidays

sack_boi3329d ago

PS3 got a nice boost from MOVE. Let's see what Kinect des for the X360.

JustSomeLogic3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Even with Move out, PS3 has yet to see 1st place worldwide since June
Also, the gap has reduced to less than 60 K between ps3 and x360. It decreased by 10 k this week so GT5 better hurry up or else it will be closed

ColJessup3329d ago

Even in the US where they're based their numbers are so far off anything even close to being official it's not even funny. 360 numbers are way over what NPD says the 360 sold. If they can't even get the US right, how accurate are their numbers for Europe going to be? And there's still the matter of how they've claimed in the past that the 360 sells more than Microsoft says they shipped, and the 2 million difference between PS3 data and official numbers. VGChartz are all over the place, and they even say on their website - Use weekly numbers at your own risk. I think just given that fact, VGChartz's weekly numbers shouldn't be news every week. Even they don't stand by them.

hudsoniscool3329d ago

first npd only does america sales while vg does all of NORTH AMERICIA. that the reason why npd is behind vg's.
second ive fallowed vg for 3 years now and they havent once said any of the consoles were ahead of the offial data EVER.

pocketaces113329d ago

What about people like myself who already have a PS3 and bought move. Move is doing just fine it's just not a system seller extraordinaire yet. When Christmas comes around both move bundles and kinect bundles will sell. Kinect will only do better because unknowing parent who buys there kids anything they ask for. But I will hopefully have an opportunity to try it I'm not that optimistic about a bunch of kids games and bouncing a red ball like a fool. Move is a blast though and the fun has already lasted longer then my dust collected wii did

Clarence3330d ago

What will happen when GT5 comes out?

a08andan3329d ago

Well the prologue has sold very close to 5 million copies so it will most likely sell well :) Vgchartz has really undertracked that prologue. With about a million if I remember correctly. Although I don't think it will beat Halo: Reach in first week sales, but I think it will sell more over time than any of the Halo games.

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The story is too old to be commented.