Project Milo Cancellation Further Highlighting Kinect Concerns

Pedophiles around the world are mourning the rumored cancellation of Lionhead Studios’ overly ambitious “real life boy” simulator, Milo. But what does this say about Microsoft’s Kinect controller?

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Godmars2903330d ago

So one quoting Molyneux saying its still on will be in by tomorrow.

Natsu X FairyTail3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

And the Xbox Lames thinking Im bashing.

Kinect is destined to failed. ALl it can do is on-rail games.


i dont want bbuels back @ the lames and im not bashing @ the xbox lames who thinks im bashing. Im just stating the factsé

Raikiri3330d ago

Your really confused are you?

I think your better of being a fanboy

saying kinect is destined to fail is really dumb to say,

I personally think it will sell millions in its first weeks with all the marketing Microsoft is doing and Claiming it will be the biggest launch ever in the gaming industry

metsgaming3330d ago

they are acting like milo was a hardcore game rofl !

2) we should start being concerned about the future of “hardcore” gaming titles "for the Kinect."

Godmars2903330d ago

The game was instantly adopted as the flagship Kinect title. Pedo and Skynet jokes and all else.

shadyiswin3329d ago

Kinect is not for the hardcore, you guys are idiots lol, stop being so butt hurt that it's for casual gamers. You will have your kingdoms,gears,halo's,fabl e Microsoft will disappoint when it comes to throwing money at developers. E3 will bring the focus back to hardcore. You'd have to be an idiot not to use E3 as a launching pad for the companies most important accessory. I'm buying one, I wanna see it marketed I wanna see that there serious with follow up support, and I'm convinced. At the same time c.o.d,halo,gears, tom clancy future solider, crysis 2, and mortal kombats aren't going anywhere. If anything this will be a wake up call to them to stop releasing the same rehashed shooter and fighters cause we have options now and that goes for casual games too, the real competition can be between the developers of the games not people whining about ones company choosing to market casual games or not. Let the developers raise the bars by competing when they compete we all win.

Chaostar3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

There were "concerns" for the future of Kinect well before Project Milo was cancelled.

The 'iffy' tech demos, game glitches, 'staged' showings, completely casual launch line-up, the many youtube fail videos, removal of cpu, removal of voice support at lunch, the cost etc.

That being said the pre-orders are reported to be high so maybe it's still what the casual consumer is looking for. After all Kinect has been targeted at them since the beginning, although MS would have their core audience hold their breath too.

Let's still keep an open mind though, there's still just over a month for Kinect to prove the core community wrong... possibly.

BlackBusterCritic3330d ago

We have enough pedophiles on XBL. No way in hell did we need virtual boys. Even more pedophiles would flock to Xbox360, and that would put the XBL users at risk, just like these:

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