ESPN3 affiliate ISP required for streaming live ESPN on 360

In a Email to and sent to us unanimously we got a couple insider details on the ESPN feature included in the new Xbox Dashboard. With announcement earlier today that the Fall 2010 Xbox Live Update Preview Program is set to launch:
Letter from Mark Whiten (posted on the gamerscoreblog of all places)...


In a email sent to us unanimously...

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NYC_Gamer3341d ago

Hmm.....spike up the price of xbl because of espn even though its limited to certain people

Godmars2903341d ago

Silver accounts are excluded from services that require a separate subscription. Even ones that you can get for free elsewhere.

Though I'm sure there's going to be plenty of Gold accounts who aren't going to be happy they have to switch ISPs.

Redgehammer3341d ago

"In a Email to and sent to us unanimously" What the heck does that mean? lol