Kotaku : Should you buy an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 was the first of the current generation of home consoles to launch, all the way back in 2005. If you haven't decided to buy one by now, is there any reason to buy one, well, now?

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Optical_Matrix2966d ago

Not for me there isn't. Thats for sure.

darthv722966d ago

yes. If you enjoy playing brand

I enjoy gaming as a whole to not restrict myself to a single system. Never did before and I am not about to start now.

Nothing wrong with being a single system owner so long as they can be respectful of those who choose to play others.

Cevapi882966d ago

if you know what you are buying instead going in the store and looking at the $199 and thinking WOW thats a great deal!!!

to me that version of the 360 is a total rip-off and most parents dont know what a big difference there is between the 4GB system and $299 version

SKullDugger2966d ago

I own a new 360 slim 250gb and will be picking up a PS3 in November for GT5, LBP2 and some uncharted I love gaming and I picked the 360 first for MOH and Madden but will enjoy the great PS3 exclusives.

paintsville2965d ago

In my opinion if multi-console release games are important to you with the occassional exclusive thrown in and a very robust online..then yes you should buy one. However, if exclusive games and blu-ray are the most important to you then you need to purchase a ps3.

vhero2965d ago

Its nothing to do with brand loyalty if you own a PS3 and a high end PC then there it's about a few exclusive games and if you really want to play them. Then you gotta weigh up the price of those games and the console AND the yearly fee of live. For me its no as all I want from 360 is Gears and after 3 dead 360s I refuse to pay all that cash for a new one and then money for a game and live for 1 game. (Got the first on PC)

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internalbit2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Not for me, however if you like exclusives like RROD, disk scratching, prettier interface, paying money to play online, overpriced accessories and Halo then it's a must buy.

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AceofStaves2966d ago

It's refreshing to read an article that does a good job of explaining its points without devolving into fanboyism.

Since I already have a PS3, and can live without the 360 exclusives (though I wouldn't mind playing the Fable games), there's no reason for me to purchase one right now.

Anon19742966d ago

I've already got one but find I don't play it very often in favor of my PS3. I don't agree with having to pay for gaming online when I don't have to so I do all my multiplayer on the PS3, plus the PS3 is an awesome video player (MKV2VOB is your friend). I still like playing Halo/Gears/Fable but that's only once a year or so that one of those come out. My 360 used to be my main console and my PS3 was the one I never touched, but multiple console failures and I just don't feel like I can trust my 360. Sucks having hundreds of dollars in games and repeatedly not being able to play them because of hardware issues, and now that my 360 is more than 3 years old there's no warranty anymore. If it goes again I'm not planning on replacing it.

Still, the 360 is 10 times the game machine a Wii is. Considering they're close to the same price I think it's crazy that the 360 doesn't sell more in comparison.

Jazz41082965d ago

All I ask is that you realize the truth that the ps3 is full of time consuming mandatory formware updates weekly and installs on every game that take up gigs of your harddrive and hardly ever gets a game that's multiplat that's better then the 360 version. It could take an hour to play a new game on the ps3 before it even starts wwith the all the insatlls with the 360 u put it in and play. Just please know this before making the decision and yes there are a few games that sony makes that look better on the ps3 but they are not miles ahead and you have to pick them apart to see the diffrences but the main thing is they are not that fun and two thirds of its library seem like movies within a game. I own both consoles so my two cents says yes get a 360 its fun and has none of this install crap unless you choose too do it and almost always gets the netter looking game when its on both systems and live its online interface does ccost but its well worth it as this is now miles ahead of ps3s offering.

frostyhat1232965d ago

Shutup you have never had an Xbox!
There is so many pro ps3 trolls on this website.

vhero2965d ago

I am not gonna bother but as for fanboyism this is an article on Kotaku the BIGGEST 360 fanboy site on the web.. That's why I won't read it. There is a lot of good reasons for people to buy one if you have not got any console but if you own a PS3 and PC already there isn't many..

Omega42966d ago

Why would someone want to post this article on N4G lol. Obviously everyone will say no.

Xbro2966d ago

I guess that everybody hates you?
New here, >_>

and yeah, buy an Xbox if you want one.

theonlylolking2965d ago

N4g used to be mainly 360 supporters and PS3 supporters would be flamed. Now its the other way around since 2009.

Prototype2965d ago

Finally someone else who was around those days besides me, I remember ANYTHING pro ps3 down to "I like the color" was an automatic -bubbles and 20+ disagrees

Now the 360 fanbase acts like they are the victim when they started all this garbage

frostyhat1232965d ago

It has to be hard for you with all pro ps3 ppl on N4G!