Will Sony 'Move' the Needle?

What Nintendo started four years ago with the Wii, both Sony and Microsoft are now attempting to take to the next level with PlayStation Move and Kinect – two vastly different approaches to the motion gaming field. While Microsoft won't be shipping Kinect until November 4, PlayStation Move has been on store shelves since the middle of this month.

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donniebaseball3332d ago

Interesting write up. I pretty much agree with the author that Move works well, but I just don't see it selling a ton.

Buff10443332d ago

I just read that it's back ordered at Gamestop. Seems pretty successful so far.

darthv723332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

the move will play a more integral part in sony's next console. Perhaps they will even make it work with their tv's.

I tried it at fry's yesterday. Neat little controller. I played this game where you have to fan these parachuting little people on to boats before sharks get them.

I then tried out ping pong in sports champion (i was this blanka looking guy) and wow what a difference it is compared to table tennis on the wii. You try to baby a swing and the ball goes flat. It took me a few tries to finally get a good rythem but i had to tell the sales guy to stop crowding me.

EskiJoe3332d ago

I couldn't get hold of one, today.... went to the store and they said they were sold out and I should try another store down the road. So i went to the other one and they didn't have it too... I'm hesitant to buy one because I really should be focusing on my studies but still its an interesting device

D3acon3332d ago

look at the sales of the wii, people want that. the biggest difference, to me, is that the wii does not have any hardcore games, its for kids mostly. the move is more precise, the graphics are better, and there are casual games and hardcore games that utilize the controller. My parents are almost 70 and my dad and mother played a video game for the first time, it was wii bowling, he asked me how much it would cost to get a wii, I told him about the playstation move and getting the bundle is cheaper than getting a wii. so the demand is there.

another point is microsoft's kinect. good direction but you still want feedback, I pretty sure one company is going to bring back the power glove, or gloves that can give you texture and feel. the technology does exsist, something I think microsoft should have invested in before introducing kinect.

donniebaseball3332d ago

A glove for Kinect, neat idea. I remember thinking the Power Glove back in the day was the coolest thing ever. But, I definitely could see how a Mad Catz or someone could do something like that for Kinect, if MS doesn't do it on their own.

shadyiswin3332d ago

Not gloves I was thinking wrist bands, they sync with the console and the force feedback can be coded to them as with a controller, but once again kudo is kinda right you don't miss the feedback while playing, the actual reaction from being so immersed in the game exceeds the need for force feedback. If people complain enough they will make it.

Cenobia3331d ago

Gloves could be a cool idea, but no one could make the controller except Microsoft. The gloves would need some sort of signal from the 360 and its games and that's not gonna happen without MS support.

Mad Catz can really only copy the console makers designs with their own little twist (which usually includes shoddy parts and manufacturing).

TheBrit3332d ago

Unless y ou already have the PS3....
How is a $399.99 ps3+move bundle cheaper than a wii?

blackburn53332d ago

It will sell well enough. It is just a controller. It doesn't have to sell 10 million or anything. As long as their is interest in it and Sony and the developers support it,it will be fine.I don't know where people got the idea Sony was competing directly with the Wii. I never heard them say that up to this day.

donniebaseball3332d ago

Thing is, if Sony wants Move to see more developer support, then it DOES need to sell many, many millions to get a larger installed base. The bigger percentage of PS3 owners that pick it up, the better it will be.

sinclaircrown3332d ago

Move will be awesome compared to the Wii as it will deliver hardcore games too.

Fact is though, Move and Kinect are MS and Sony's attempt at the market share the Wii took from them. Smart ideas, since these companies are all competing in the same area.

nintendo sales went through the roof with the Wii because they were first, and cheap.

MS should have follwed Sony in my opinion and copied the Wii also. I think Kinect will struggle at first, until devs find a cool way to integrate it with new games. Move on the other hand is mostly just a new controller, which can't really 'fail'.

wat6343332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

The move indeed is good hardware, but since A LOT of gamers dont go on gaming sites, I bet you tons of people don't know sony's move but know kinect, its because microsoft has been advertising more. This morning I saw a kinect ad 3 times on tv.

That said, I just cant see move selling A lot, but enough to keep sony happy.

@below - really? then their showing it to the wrong people, as many people say, "it caters to the hardcore". Sure it also shows casual games, but at the moment I dont see one i like.

blackburn53332d ago

that isn't true. I see Move ads all the time on Nickeloden and Cartoon Network, family stations. Also move ads are all over ESPN.I however haven't seen a single Kinect ad yet. So it probably depends on what channels you watch. So you shouldn't jump to the conclusion that tons of people don't know about the Move.

Cenobia3331d ago

I'm in the same boat, but I think that might be because I actually stop the TVR to watch Kevin Butler commercials.

Still need at least one hardcore game to release before I buy Move though. Maybe Sorcery if it turns out good. And if the next Elder Scrolls has Move support it'll get a lot of people to buy one.

dead_eye3331d ago

in the uk i never seem to see any ps3 related adverts but move seems to be all over. it's in bus stops and i've seen loads of tv adverts. think sony are really pushing move

BillOreilly3332d ago

the only thing that will sell wii numbers is the 3ds. It will be an epidemic how well it sells. I see kinect catching on for xmas and selling well but not wii numbers. Move will do alright over time.

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