Meet Darryl, Claims That Gaming has Ruined His Fiscal Responsibility

SFG writes: Meet Darryl. He says that gaming has ruined his life. He has maxed out his credit cards, lost his marriage and is basically blaming social games for his demise.

According some folks from the Gamers Advocating Fiscal Responsibility (GAFR), Daryl is just one of many people to blame gaming for their own real world shortcomings.

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jc485732993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Online gaming should be banned especially mmos. I'm serious.

Fishy Fingers2993d ago

People should learn self-restraint. I'm serious.

jc485732993d ago

How about sex? I'm serious.

Snakefist302993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Im serious.

SexyPrawns2993d ago

Ernest Scared Stupid is the best movie ever made.

I'm serious.

Vlaitor2993d ago

Exactly, if he is a noob at life doesn't mean millions of people should be penalized for his lack of responsibility. Gaming is a hobby. Like all hobby, stop when it starts to endept you.

I am serious

Unless your a graphic whore..

Shadow0172993d ago

I used to be pretty addicted to wow 2years ago but ever since I stopped playing wow I haven't gotten the same addiction maybe because I learn self control and know when to stop. Funny thing is I can't even imagine playing a video game for more then 6-8hrs straight and I used to play wow for 12hrs daily.

KiRBY30002993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

your message is irrelevant because you didnt tell if you were serious or not. im serious.

Redempteur2993d ago

"from the Gamers Advocating Fiscal Responsibility (GAFR)"

i didn't know this existed before i read this article

i'm serious

hay2993d ago

Dear Darryl: Stop being a wuss and get yourself together man. You're 10 years old? Can't get a grip on your life? I'm serious.

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Mit2993d ago

It's not the games fault that this guy couldn't multi-task.

Mit2993d ago

jc48573 trolls all damn day. I'm serious.

keltickennedy2993d ago

Should liquor be banned because there are people that drink too much?

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ZombieAutopsy2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Wow what a loser, I've known people who have kicked heroin and this guy can't even cut back on the gaming...come on dood they're is a whole lot of free games out in the world you can play.

AKA2993d ago

On my PS3 and i have only spend like about $200 on 3 new games and im only talking about 2010 so far, and i have not rent, i do trades games or get good deals on brand new games or just find a smart way to get a good price, craigslist is a huge help to make everything cheap or just trades.
I still have to get ProEvo11 GT5 day one and i will only spend about $20 dont ask me how ;) i know few tricks.
Plus i will try to get MOH, Castelvania, Fifa11, enslave by trades for other games i have and i will not play. I have for trade few good games that im sure will make things easy.

AceofStaves2993d ago

People aren't forced to game. I don't believe in gaming addiction; it's just a means of escaping from real life and its responsibilities.

If anyone allows any form of gaming to impact their lives like that, they obviously need to seek some form of professional help and find out why they're using games in that way.

SuperbVillain2993d ago

gaming addiction is real.There are people who have played games non stop for week straight without leaving the screen and have tied as a result.This man obviously was addicted.He needs help

Redempteur2993d ago

gaming adiction to mmos ends automaticly when you don't have anymore money ...

Cenobia2993d ago

While I don't think it is a very widespread addiction, when you said "it's just a means of escaping from real life and its responsibilities" you pretty much perfectly explained why people can become addicted to it.

That's a big part of why people use drugs and alcohol.

AceofStaves2993d ago

Gaming, however, doesn`t cause permanent physiological changes within the player`s brain structure. The physical effects of gaming, increased heart rate, etc., do not result in a physiologically-based craving for gaming.

Gaming is a behaviour, nothing more. As I said, he needs to seek professional help. But to put a person like this in the same category as a heroin addict is laughable. If that`s the case, then every form of entertainment should be scrapped or closely monitored so they don`t ruin people`s lives.

It comes down to choices. If you can link to a medical journal that proves neurological changes in gaming addicts` brains, then I`ll gladly change my opinion. Blaming the problems in his life on consumption of media doesn`t measure up to true addiction, to my mind.

AssassinHD2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Meet Darryl, A guy who is too weak to control his impulses, and who also seems to have a complete lack of personal accountability.

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