Uncharted 3 - Naughty Dog "already know what they want to do"

SystemLink: "If it passed you by, Uncharted 3 was basically announced in January. Nolan North is definitely back as Nathan Drake, and Naughty Dog boasts that the game will be graphically superior to Uncharted 2."

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theonlylolking3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

"If it passed you by, Uncharted 3 was basically announced in January. Nolan North is definitely back as Nathan Drake, and Naughty Dog boasts that the game will be graphically superior to Uncharted 2."

I think they will be using MLAA this time.

I just replayed the first level of uncharted 2 again and I dont know how I stopped playing that game.

FACTUAL evidence3336d ago

if ND didn't know what they wanted to do, it would still come out to be a masterpiece. Day one for me anyway.

-Alpha3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I'd love to see:

-More complex puzzles
-More varied boss battles
-More co-op
-More Sully

number473336d ago

being a slight rip off of tombraider... exploring & puzzles.. But its just not that type of game. The puzzles could be more difficult though.. or require some searching. But yeah, it would be a different game.

Can someone just make a normal tomb raider?


Anton Chigurh3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Respect for Naughty GODS. Can't wait for Uncharted 3

Aquarius3336d ago

they should introduce diving to Uncharted too.

blahblah3336d ago

anything but boss battles. and less killing more exploring if possible.

while killing doesn't bother me so much, boss battles and their randomness pissed me off. uc1 and the enemy waves were much better and required you giving your best. uc2 boss battles were requiring 99% of luck and 1% of non sense (I almost felt like fighting final boss in R&C:ToD without groovytron). if they really do boss battles again, then best thing ND can do is explore how well DS implemented them, not one death was random

-Alpha3336d ago


IMO the boss battles in UC2 were a letdown and weren't as creative. A lot of it was blindfiring and running in circles except for the chopper battle.

I'd like to see better boss battles. As for puzzles, number47 made a good point on that it's not Tomb Raider.

IMO the puzzles were way too easy and some of it was just filler. But if you make them TOO hard it breaks away from the experience. I think puzzles should require some more thinking but they shouldn't be frustratingly impossible that it breaks away from the action for too long.

Regardless, UC3 is going to be fantastic. I hope to see ND do Jak 4 sometime before the PS3 cycle ends, I adored these guys since Jak 2/Spyro.

CernaML3336d ago

if ND didn't know what they wanted to do, it would still come out to be a masterpiece. Day one for me anyway."

I bet if they even wanted to create a piece of crap and tried so hard to make it the worst game they have ever made, it would STILL win GOTY.

Redempteur3336d ago

More co-op ! thoses 3 missions weren't nearly as enough to satisfy me ..
( they were still awesome )

inveni03336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I would love to see them do something pushing fantasy a little more with the setting, but realism a little more with the story.

number473336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I know the sony brethren run this site, but christ... its like a pack of wolves sometimes. Friendly fire guys..

Friendly fire.

nycredude3336d ago

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are sony fanboys.

KiRBY30003336d ago

Spyro is by Insomniac, Naughty dog made the Crash Bandicoot series.

-Alpha3336d ago

Sorry, I meant Crash, hence the similarities between him and Jak :D

Cenobia3336d ago

They really need to bring Eddy Raja back. He was an awesome not-so-villain.

The interactions they had in Uncharted 1 were great and they could do a lot with that if they met up again.

Imperator3336d ago


Yea, it was also called best game of this generation, one of the best games ever, and is the most awarded game of all time... but I guess you forgot about that right? LMAO.

ExplosionSauce3336d ago

Regardless of what Uncharted was dubbed by the fanboys, it is almost nothing like Tomb Raider.

I mean, he hunts for treasure. But here are other games that have much more in common with each other than UC with TR. I mean, go to a store and look at all the games that share not just gameplay, but themes in common.

Just look at the gameplay itself. I love the TR series, but the TR games I grew up playing were a lot more puzzle based, getting through traps and fighting off wild animals.
Uncharted is a lot more combat based, with mercenaries and whatnot. It's hard to explain, but when you play one game and then play the other, there isn't much alike.

morganfell3336d ago

When we met with Amy Hennig at GDC and discussed the design of Uncharted 1 and 2, one of the points she brought up in a very subtle manner is that the Uncharted titles are adventure games. They aren't shooters, they are adventure games with shooting. They aren't puzzle games, they are adventure games with puzzle elements.

The games have to be made for the majority. The game has to move at a certain pace and rhythm. We discussed the puzzles and the gist was that if the puzzles were to be too complex then it drags down the natural ebb and flow of the game. Her vocal regret was two places in Uncharted 2 where the difficulty spiked - yes, one of the spots that she didn't like in it's published form was the fight with Drazen.

On a personal note I think they know what they are doing. More GOTY awards than any title in history is a strong indicator they are on the right track. I don't really care to have them monkey around too much with an already proven formula. The last thing I want to hear myself say is, "Crap, why couldn't they just let well enough alone."

ChineseDemocracy3336d ago

The thought of Uncharted 3 makes me sweat like a hooker in church :)

sikbeta3335d ago

BEAST!!! I can't even imagine how Amazing it will be... A total blast....

Uncharted 3 FTFW!!!!

Hideo_Kojima3335d ago

Why wouldn't they know what they want to do?
Its been almost 12 months and they are not amateurs they have the perfect formula they just need to carry on using it now.

They made Uncharted 2 in just 23-24 months.

I would be shocked if they actually hadn't decided on an idea yet and hadn't started making the next game.

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TheLastGuardian3336d ago

Obviously Uncharted 3 will come eventually. I highly doubt Naughty Dog is going to stop at 2 with the sucess that the first 2 games had. I'd love to play many more adventures starring Nathan Drake and so do millions of other fans.

jony_dols3336d ago

Uncharted 3 : Atlantis.

That would Epic. Imagine what they could with all those water effects.

Gue13336d ago

Now we are taking about, the Naughty Gods are at it again to show to everybody of what the PS3's capable of.

UP3336d ago

RPG elements would be great for the franchise.

Gam3s4lif33336d ago

That aint really surprising

DigitalAnalog3335d ago

I hope they do implement a "sandbox" approach this time around. Like Tomb Raider, you can can choose a number of ways to finish the level (I.E. multiple routes to gain item parts to proceed). Swimming levels, vertical levels and much more.

-End statement

avengers19783335d ago

Can't wait, and I hope they do some story that has him in america, and possible some urban environments, that you know aren't run down sh!t holes.
Day one for me, when ever that is.

CantHaveOpinionsHere3335d ago

uc3 will be better than 1&2. 1 was great but 2 was a disappointment for me. Maybe uc3 can earn my $65. Although, I wouldn't mind paying 17.99 for uc2

tacosRcool3335d ago

Its gonna be another Game of the Year contender!

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DeathGazer3336d ago

The sooner the better.

Love the Drake!

belal3336d ago

game evver created along side with mgs4,gow3,killzone and ratchet.

Xbro3336d ago

I agree with this, but take away Killzone.

Great game, but not the best, no.3 looks like it could slap shit though.

Why o why3336d ago

was a mile better than the latest indiana jones film

how about that

BillOreilly3335d ago

Hell dont ever badmouth indy. Best character ever invented. Hed slap the shit outa drake. The iniana jones movies have soul. Uncharted is hella good but come on nothing beats indy!!!

Why o why3335d ago

i know but the last film got sh!tted on by Drakes 2. Poor, poor film

dredgewalker3335d ago

Gotta agree that the last Indy film was a disappointment and I got easily bored watching it.

iammason3336d ago

Try and mention other games other than ones under Sony's belt. Makes you look like a raving fanboy.

Or maybe you're just a youngster who has no idea about what other good games there are.

Imperator3336d ago

He's not a fanboy, it's simply a fact that Sony produces the most ground-breaking and overall best games around.

Roozium3335d ago


Wow, wake up maybe? Super Mario is the best platformer around, Ratchet and Clank doesn't have a chance. And Killzone isn't even good, 6/10 at it's height. I'll give him Uncharted 2 because that's one of the best adventure games ever. MGS3 is way better than MGS4.

WLPowell3335d ago

you're right MGS3 is better than MGS4, and MGS3 was made on what system?

And when Mario introduced shooting (Sunshine) it was weaksauce compared to R&C:UYA. Mario is good at just doing mario, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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Paradise Lost3336d ago

They could easily make a movie out of uncharted.

Fishy Fingers3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

They are. Or at least in the process of trying.

bustamove3335d ago

I hope it's not a disaster. We need a good Uncharted movie. .__.

As for uncharted 3, count me in dammit. I'll even replay 1 and 2 to prepare myself for it.

RedPawn3336d ago

I want zip lines so I can kick people off high areas, in dynamic fashion.

some underwater action, somewhere.

I large plains stampede/vechicle chase, which you have to escape in cargo plane, in front a giant gorge.

I hope drake does some serious spelunking, with some cool slide areas.

I love this series, and I honestly believe is single handedly defines this Gen.

Oh, and a group of treasure theif type bosses, with their own skills to battle Drake.