How Pro Evo Can Regain Its Crown.

It is clear that since the start of this generation Fifa has become the most dominant Soccer game on the market after Pro was recognised as king of its genre. Ask yourself, why? How has EA and the creators of Fifa managed to overshadow the likes of Pro. Well there are a few things that Pro needs to do to catch up with Fifa once again and be seen as the best and most realistic football simulation on the market.

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AKA2943d ago

But i have few Fifa fans and i have read FIFA fans comments and they still thinks Fifa11 is better .
I guess we will have to wait that all this pass away give them time to undestand and accept that Pes11 is better and maybe next year PES12 will take back reviews and better sale. To but the gameplay is already better and moré fun.

nix2942d ago

i completely agree... PES 11 feels better than FIFA 11. anyone who is not blinded can see it. i know PES09/10 was crap compared to FIFA.

AKA2943d ago

And is engeneered for freedom

FENDR2943d ago

pes never had the crown

AKA2943d ago

This is what im tlaking about.

He, wakes up in 2010 and saw that the game he has been playing all this years was not the best soccer and just find out that PES was the best soccer game since KONAMI start making Soccer games.

The king is back and this is why Pes is the king becuase it was the best for like forever up untill 2007 but Pes is back with PES11 the king is back.

turok2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

some can dream. I was vividly disappointed with the PES 2011 demo. Fifa still better in terms of gameplay.

turok2942d ago

some can dream. I was vividly disappointed with the PES 2011 demo.