PSM3 Deny Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer It was only a month ago that it was claimed within PSM3 that multiplayer in Batman: Arkham City was a "certainty". With their new issue hitting stores this morning they seem to be giving off a different impression.

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josh143992993d ago

if its got co-op i hope its a seperate mode to the singleplayer because i don't want to be stuck with a shitty ai the whole game batman should work alone.

WildArmed2993d ago

it'd be cool to have challenge rooms w/ co-op.
(like how B:AA has challenge rooms, but you can get a patna in there and get rowdy.)

I dont think we need a full on MP for this game though.
Game is great as it is.. even if it's just SP only.

Quagmire2993d ago

Co-op missions only would be great. Nothing linked to single player though, would ruin the feel of it.

Missions where you (Batman) team up with an offline/online friend (Robin), would be great imo.

Chaostar2993d ago

I would still probably be very happy with this game if it included no MP at all. Arkham Asylum would have been a front runner in my personal GOTY last year, had Uncharted 2 not been released, I have very high hopes for Arkham City.

Rybakov2993d ago

true but must not forget the Last guardian is coming out and that is pretty much set for goty

Chaostar2993d ago

lol yeah The Last Guardian does seem like a favourite with gamers. I wasn't implying that BM:AC should be GOTY 2011 just that I have high hopes that the game will be excellent :)

Bounkass2993d ago

GOOD. Not all games neep MP...

Anderson82993d ago

so true, too many games are killed with mp

CobraKai2993d ago

A lot of times it just seems tacked on for the sake of having multiplayer.

JustSomeLogic2993d ago

Know anyway? Everybody else says different. What makes them so special?

milohighclub2993d ago

they spoke to the guys at rocksteady, in fact i think they went to the rocksteady offices and saw the game in action!!

gypsygib2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Not every game needs MP, in fact most don't. Ahem Dead Space 2...

Give me a 20-30 hour SP with incentive to play again (good story) over MP any day. All people will do is try it out then go back to CoD, BFBC2, Reach or some other shooter based game.

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The story is too old to be commented.