TGV: 3DS New games and details round up

Hey, remember back at E3, when the 3DS was first announced? Along with it came a list of roughly one billion titles that would appear on the system. Clearly, one billion is not enough for Nintendo. Today, at the Nintendo Conference 2010 in Japan, Nintendo not only revealed the price and final hardware, but also showed us even more new game titles that will be appearing on the new handheld.

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borisfett2968d ago

The new interface sounds interesting. It's about time they had one you could access in-game. You kind of expect that sort of thing as standard by now.

na-no-nai2968d ago

oh shit that pretty awesome. so much game ^_^

Sidology2968d ago

Can't freakin' wait for this. I'm so excited about MegaMan Legends 3. I'M SO EXCITED I COULD EXPLODE.

sinclaircrown2968d ago

Oh yeah! Bus rides will soon become awesome.

Herminator2968d ago

I'm kinda happy that the remake-palooza has finally caught up to where most of my favourite games growing up reside: The N64. Only on N!

DNAbro2968d ago

And i jizzed in my pants.

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