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Gamespot:Studio refutes publisher SouthPeak's claim that delay was due to unfinished state of game, says North American publisher instead wanted to avoid crowded holiday for RPGs.

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Bigpappy3332d ago

I believe TW2 would have done just fine over the holidays

NYC_Gamer3332d ago

alot of gamers would have passed over the game for black-ops

lucifon3332d ago

Black Ops? I think the games which gamers planning on buying TW2 would possibly get instead is more likely to be Gothic 4, Fable 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

ATi_Elite3332d ago

With Halo: Reach in September
Meal of Honor in October
COD:Black OPs in November

I would hold off releasing a game as well but then again not every one plays FPS.

pimpmaster3332d ago

wtf happened to too human 2.

CrzyFooL3332d ago

So nice to see Publishers and Developers getting along. Even if it's DONE we're not going to see it til next year so why argue over why. I think they were right to push it back. October has some big mother RPG's coming out.

mobijoker3332d ago

Otherwise this game would pass below our radar in this jam packed rpg season.

3332d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.