Will Nintendo be Pulling the Shortage Card Again with the 3DS?


Many gamers today have had a bit of wind let out of their sails with the announcement that the Nintendo 3DS won’t be released until next year. Most people knew it was quite possible, but hoped against hope anyway, because the device appears to be quite desirable. Nintendo is saying that the delay is due to the fact that a 2010 release wouldn’t be adequate since enough units won’t yet be available.

With a large aspect of the DS and the Wii’s ‘Gotta have it’ mentality amongst consumers being derived from such a thing though, it begs the question, ‘Is Nintendo setting the table again for the shortage mentality’?

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Omega Zues3340d ago

At this point its still hard to say as the titles for releases are still unknown. Currently Nintendo released a video detailing several games but atm which ones that will be available at release is unknown. Not to mention the pricing on the games has yet to be announced.

I can see the 3DS selling towards their bigger fans at release however its a high price to pay for a handheld. Just the device and a single game "could" cost well over +$300.00. So...I would be surprised to see if they were sold out for weeks or months unless they did the "Shortage Card".

But hey, if you want the 3DS more power to ya. Just my 2 cents.

eagle213340d ago

I'm buying it day 1 and will be pissed if I can't get it. I just wish the ones on a budget will stay that way day I have a feeling 3DS units (esp. black) will be all gone making the ones who are ready to buy (now) mad. :)

cochise3133340d ago

every company pulls the "shortage card". it's econimics 101. supply and demand. builds a lot more hype.

TruthbeTold3339d ago

But it's annoying. Especially when they make statements about how 'They're doing everything they can to meet demand'. In any case, whatever they do, we're all going to buy it anyway, and they know it. The 3Ds seems to be just that awesome.