Final Fantasy XIV Built for a Controller?

StrengthGamer: "I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a little while now. I bought the Collector's Edition on release, and love it. What I don't love is how incredibly non user-friendly the keyboard is while playing this game. The good news here is that a wired XBOX 360 controller works by simply plugging it in and mapping the buttons."

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NegativeCreepWA3333d ago

I used a 360 controller for part of the beta, it surprisingly felt better then K/M.

Brklynty13333d ago

FFXIV released?! lol when was this?!

HydraxFFx3333d ago

I believe the collector’s edition was released early, regardless scar was talking about the beta.

Biggest3333d ago

Yes, it was released last week. And yes, FFXIV was made with a controller in mind. The same applies to FFXI, but they definitely added great support for k/m. I am still trying to figure out why they changed some of what they did between games.

Reibooi3333d ago

Of course it was built for a controller. The game is coming out on PS3 and most people won't use a mouse and keyboard despite being able to use one with a PS3.

Final Fantasy XI did basically the same thing. Everything controls far better with a control and you basically just use the keyboard to type to other people.

Myst3333d ago

An interesting tidbit about this is that FFXI wasn't designed for a controller but a second thought while mouse and keyboard was the main design. Seems reversed for this one and almost makes it easier to chose the PS3 over PC version. Especially for those of us who do not have high end PCs or laptops.

Saryk3333d ago

If you do not have a high end PC as a PC gamer only now. I can say get the PS3 version.

WutPleaze3333d ago

Yeah exactly. It's ridiculous how high end of a computer you have to have to play this. I only scored a 2197 on the benchmark, and I'm running an Nvidia GT 240, with 8 gigs of ram, a quad core, and 2.5ghz processor. stupid!

Letros3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

If you were serious about playing the PC version, the GTS 450 is roughly twice as fast as your current card, you already have a decent setup.

AvidGamerrrr3333d ago

I wonder if a PS3 controller would work. If there are downloadable drivers or something...

despair3333d ago

you can run a ps3 controller on the PC but if it will be supported by the game is another matter.

Drycell043333d ago

There are a few drivers for the PS3 controller to be used on the computer, but it also you have to configure the buttons when playing certain games with controller

evercast3333d ago

I use MotionJoy Drivers (works for both PS3 and 360 controllers) and it works perfectly. I prefer my ps3 controller though. This could be caused from me using it for 6 years on FFXI but, PS3 controllers will def work. Just plug it in like you would to your PS3 to charge it and your set! Also if you have a blu driver you can connect it wirelessly :)

Pain3333d ago

.And they made the game ...

"SS: Outside of Japan, many PC gamers use a mouse as the main controls for all games, from FPS’s to MMORPG’s.
PT: Gamepad and mouse controls are different at the most fundamental of levels. With a gamepad, you have to go through a layered structure command input for control, a mouse needs to be able to get things done with just a click. We have to set the game up to be able to handle both. "

And its on PS3 like FFXI was on PS2 and that worked great with a keyboard i should know i played ffxi for 4 1/2 years with this

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