Final Fantasy Producer Hints at Before Crisis FFVII for 3DS

Square Enix is known to lay down pretty big bombshells on Twitter nowadays, and today is no different. After this morning’s Nintendo 3DS Conference, [a Japanese event where Nintendo formally unveiled 3DS details such as price, release, and available titles] where we got a small look at Chocobo Racing 3DS, Square Enix producer Hajime Tabata, director of the extremely popular Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP, updated Twitter with his consideration for a good title for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Titanz3338d ago

Everyone wants to make a boatload of money with the 3DS.

Dragun6193338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

That's because DS is really popular everywhere. There seems to be little doubt in 3DS success. That and Devs can explore the 3D platform and the experience can help devs in the future when it comes to adding 3D depth for their Console games.

sinncross3338d ago

Every canon FF7 game is on a PS format... seriously Square, don't screw that up with before Crisis...

Gue13338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

yeah that's kind of stupid. What's the point in scatter the FFVII franchise through multiple consoles when every FFVII related game has been on PlayStation format? The same with Kingdom Hearts...

One thing is to make it multiplatform but exclusive to the 3DS? A Nintendo console?

And what about MM Legends 3? Another crazy stupid move. MML was a PS1 only game and 10 years later instead of releasing it on a current gen console they just jump into the new gen of handheds that still doesn't even has a fanbase? Then the game sells like crap and they blame it on the fans. "no more MML cus the third flopped" and then the real fans are like "are you out of your mind Capcom? You made a stupid decision and it's our fault?".

Who still remembers when Capcom tried to make the Resident Evil franchise exclusive to the GameCube? They made a Remakes of the first, then they made RE Zero and finally tried to do a re-release of every other RE games in anticipation of Resident Evil 4 but what happened? It bombed and they had to port the damn game to the PS2 for trying so hard to make a franchise that born on the PS1 exclusive to Nintendo. Not multiplatform, but exclusive.

Why does Capcom hates Sony so much? And now Square too!

Lucreto3338d ago

The funny thing about Kingdom Hearts is that only FF VII characters appeared on the Playstation format. Chain of Memories is on the PS2 so it counts.

This is led people to believe that Sony part owns the characters since they published the game and the rumoured reason there is no FF VII remakes is because SE want it multiplatform and Sony want it exclusive.

It this is true then this game might be like Chain of Memories and be released on the PSP or PSP 2 later.

Rybnik3338d ago

At Sinncross
That is not entirely true. BCFFVII is the only compilation game that was only cell-phone and only Japan (incidentally it was especially showcased on the P900iv Panasonic phone actually featured in the series starting with Advent Children

The reason of course, being that at the time (2004) Japan was the only country with a fast enough mobile network to handle the game. Now, six years later The US (and Europe, although they are ahead of us) is finally caught up to where J was 6 years ago!! with our own 3g and upcoming 4g networks.

So actually what would make more sense is if they put it on the iphone and or ipad. Anyway, this is definitely a reason I would get a 3DS (among many others) I have heard that of all the compilation games, this is one of best (better than CCFFVII).

ranmafandude3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

so many games to get for the 3ds but it cost too much for me right now to get.

edit below: i'm trying to get other stuff like a new pc,atelier rorona,fist of the north star,etc. i'm a broke college dude.

butterfinger3338d ago

can't save up $300 before the end of February?

dericb113338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

With Tax, a game and warranty(This is a first build) I see $400 at minimum. Cause $300 is not enough with taxes. Here in Texas that is more like $324.75.

crzyjackbauer3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

for a handheld its way too expensive
360 is $199 these days

psp2 better be around $199 or $250

catguykyou3338d ago

It's just in time for tax returns!

butterfinger3338d ago

is going to have an amazing software library. Sony has it's work cut out for them for the PSP2. They better have a killer feature such as fully integrated PSN with trophies, 3G (without a monthly cost), or AMAZING graphics nearly on par with the PS3. Nintendo is going to destroy them with the third party support.

GAMBIT753338d ago

will do alright, it will have the support of psp fanbase but it won't beat nintendo 3ds in terms of sales.

kesvalk3338d ago

by PSP fanbase, you mean the pirates?

crzyjackbauer3337d ago

psp is alive becauuse of the pirates
lets hope they can hack the psp2 quick

Godmars2903338d ago

And yet we can't get a HD remake of FFVII.

Who says Square doesn't suck...?

Light Yagami3338d ago

Blame Sony for making the PS3 hard and expensive to develop for.

Godmars2903338d ago

If anything pisses me off about Square's "defection" to the 360 its they half assed it. That they made an open statement, openly chose one system over another much like they chose the PS1 over the N64, but if anything they've done less. Are still supporting the PS3 though there's no real effort in that. Just excuses.

I can forgive "the breakup" with Sony, but not that they turned lazy. That they've been jerking us around in regards to a FFVII remake, regardless of system, to such a point they put out target render when they still aren't releasing vsXIII footage, yet now they've started rumor of a prequel on the 3DS.

silkrevolver3338d ago

Best. Launch. Lineup. EVER. Not to mention things like this and Kingdom Hearts 3D may be on the way soon after. (=

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