Blu-ray: Still Predicted As High-Def Winner Despite Paramounts Move

Research firm Understanding & Solutions reiterated its stance that Blu-ray Disc will prove victorious in the high-definition format war, despite Paramount Home Entertainment's and DreamWorks Animation's move to back rival HD DVD exclusively.

Bottoms broke down studio market share within Blu-ray-exclusive studios, showing that Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment commands a 14% piece; 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 16%; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 18%; MGM Home Entertainment, 3%; and Lionsgate, 7%.

The HD DVD-only side accounts for 23% of the market, including 10% from Universal Studios Home Entertainment share and 13% from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Warner Home Video, producing in both HD DVD and Blu-ray, accounts for 19% of the high-def market.

Another major driver for Blu-ray will be the PlayStation 3, which currently continues to sell below expectations but can still make an impact over the next few years, Bottoms said. He estimates 15 million to 20 million consoles will be in U.S. homes by that time.

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drtysouf214077d ago

eventually win but this Paramount move definitely prolongs the war.

damnwrx4077d ago

Blu-ray will still be the people's favorite......Despite Paramount's and Dreamworks does.
Can't Stop Blu-ray nor PS3....

ParaDise_LosT4077d ago

when the format wars end its gonna be replaced by Internet Downloads
(like XBL market and Home(I think they let HD movies there too) )

heroman7114077d ago

well this was a given cuz hddvd died when ps3 came out in eu

ALIEN4077d ago

another article about blu-ray. Come on people, this is getting way 2 stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.