Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review - ZTGD

ZeroTolerance Writes: I know it sounds crazy but I am now reviewing the sixth (numbered) Guitar Hero game. It is amazing that the series has run as long as it has, and even with the criticisms surrounding it within the community, it still manages to sell well enough to keep making them. Last year's game took some major strides in catching up with Harmonix's perennial Rock Band by adding the much needed Party Play and better support for importing your existing songs, but it still lacked the platform mentality of the aforementioned franchise. Warriors of Rock continues the trend of improvements with new instruments, a more streamlined career mode and a bevy of other enhancements making it once again the definitive iteration to date.

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Lord Gunchrote3336d ago

No more of this much more can people take? the novelty wore off in 2005 for me. Then again, thats just me.

dkgshiz3336d ago

They just felt so...casual. Plus now they are just being milked to no end.

antz11043336d ago

Guitar Hero has always made like a circus seal when Rock Band told it to. Rock Band FTW.

cyberwaffles3335d ago

real musical instruments ftw!

also, i want to appluad harmonix for actually innovating in the music game genre and now allowing to use a real (semi-real?) guitar for the gameplay. never thought someone would try to pull it off.

guitar hero...pfft, it's a joke now. absolutely nothing new with the series.

cyberwaffles3335d ago

oooooh, it has a pretty good setlist it seems. all of the second side of 2112? might have to check this out.