Battlestar Galactica targets Xbox Live

The first TV program to hit the marketplace is going to be Battlestar Galactica. Theres no sign of price, size or release date but its intruiging all the same.

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USMChardcharger5394d ago

won't be long before we have that DirectTv blade.
keep it up M$.
did anyone else read at the end where they mention a Battle Star Gal. role playing game? that will be cool.

USMChardcharger5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

whoops, don't know what happened

Marriot VP5394d ago

Yah maybe not this xbox, but the next one with high def. cable on a blade.....wooo hoooo.

USMChardcharger5394d ago

what are you talking about? don't you know that the directTV blade is coming to the 360 not the next one.
that has been know for awhile. just no anouncement to when yet.