Nintendo shows its hand with the 3DS...Does Sony have an Ace up their sleeve?

The new 3DS features are what alot of us have been asking for, Nintendo seemingly has listened to what their fans wanted, Something which seems to be a problem for Sony with the subsequent iterations of the PSP.

Also, PSP2 "Mock-Ups".

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Shnazzyone3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

In the end all they could do is make a 3d handheld too. It's a shame they have probably been r&ding a 2d handheld system for years now and they can't simply scrap it at this point to copy nintendo.

3ds will offer the full package at likely less then psp2 will cost. I sincerely hope those mockups are nothing like what it will be like. Every single one looks atrocious. A touchscreen that has to be folded down to use?!? That's just retarded.

sinclaircrown3336d ago

Reminds me of the Sega Game Gear. Best handheld ever! Not really, but I loved that thing. TV tuner was awesome too!

darthv723336d ago

now that was a nice handheld. Played the same games as the console (sans cd games). Or...the sega nomad. It is the genesis worth owning except it cant support the 32x (oh well).

No doubt the psp2 will be more powerful but we have seen in the past (and present). It isnt so much about hardware power as it is the simplicity and availability of cost effective titles.

Not only that...its nintendo. Challenged by many (Atari, sega, snk, nec, namco/bandai, sony) and still the clear cut winner in handheld skirmishes.

ABizzel13336d ago

The PSP2 will be better and offer a lot more than the 3DS, but it still won't outsell the 3DS, unless it's priced competitively, and build games specifically for the PSP2.

blumatt3336d ago

I want the PSP2 to be exactly like that picture. I want a Dualshock with a screen. I want it to be able to play PS2 classics available throught the PS Store (and be able to play those PS2 classics on my PS3 too). And I want it to have cell phone functionality through a major carrier so it can play online anywhere through a 3G service.

awiseman3336d ago

they were thinkin of it for the psp 2 since e3 09 then they announced the GO.....

go = fail

psp + 2 anaolog stix + resistance retribution online = epik win

Spydiggity3336d ago

the psp2 is going to be a 3DS with a colorful plastic ball on top of it.

IRetrouk3336d ago

sony has been working on 3d for years now, do you not think its possible that they would implement something they are trying to push into there flagship handheld, like how they are pushing 3d movies and ps3 games?

CobraKai3336d ago

I agree. Sony has been pushing 3D more than anybody, I think it's highly doubtful that they didn't have 3D in mind for the PSP2.

N4g_null3336d ago

SOny does have the tech to do 3d on a handheld but you can not possibly afford it right now and it would be bulky.

The PSP2 is going to have less battery life than the 3ds and it's going to cost more.

IRetrouk3336d ago

but again how do you know it wont be affordable?, or bulky or have a shorter battery life than the 3ds when we know nothing about the psp2 or the battery life of the 3ds?

RedPawn3336d ago

Who cares if they do a 3D handheld?

PS3 does 3D and it's a console, a lot, if not most phones have touch features already too.

Who cares who has what as long as they both offer any experience to justifies both purchases.

I have a Kratos PSP, and a black DSI, both with a nice library to boot.

I didn't like GO cause all did was offer limited digital downloads and no physical media.

I wished the XL came out instead of the SI, cause I like the big screen, but it's not worth it and I knew the 3DS was gonna hit anyway.

You might be impressed by PSP2, but don't knock it until we get an official rundown.

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butterfinger3336d ago

that the PSP2 stays 2D, has amazing graphics that rival the home consoles and outshine the 3DS, has bluetooth, dual sticks, fully-integrated PSN, some sort of 3G that doesn't require a subscription (a la Amazon's Kindle), and amazing third party support. Imagine how well a portable edition of Call of Duty would sell if the players had dual sticks and amazing graphics.

awiseman3336d ago

unfortunately sony made 4 versiond of the psp and still cant add another stik

Trroy3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

3D seems lame to me, since it requires a steady hand... or in my case a steady busride. Not for me.

That's not gonna happen, so I think I'll pass on the 3DS until it gets under $200 US. 3D pictures will be fun, at that price.

R_aVe_N3336d ago

I agree it really makes no since really. A handheld that you have to sit still with.. How many kids do you know that sit still? Even with adults most handhelds are used on bus rides and the such and that is not even close to being steady.

Omega43336d ago

Sony is going to have a hard time with the PSP2. The main problem with the PSP was the lack of third party support and it looks like all 3rd parties are already putting their biggest franchises on the 3DS.

Sony will have to do something mind boggling if they want to get noticed.

Rybakov3336d ago

true but nintendo's problem with the ds was minus like 5 titles it was all 3rd party

sony needs to 1) put a screen protector on the system like the ds has and 2)they need to actually support felt like they didn't support enough till last year when the psp go failed before it launched

butterfinger3336d ago

"minus like 5 titles it was all 3rd party"

WTF?! Have you ever played a DS or even looked at the games for it? I will never be able to value anything you say on this site after such moronic statement. LMAO.

baker_boi3336d ago

They don't get any 3rd party support on the PSP? Are you insane man?

We'll ignore the PSP's entire library for argument's sake.

ZombieAutopsy3336d ago

Why couldn't those same third parties just put those games on the PSP2 when it comes out? Third parties are looking to make money every way possible and all Sony has to do to get alot of support is make the PSP2 unhackable, for a while anyways.

Apotheosize3336d ago

What would be funny is if the PSP2 is a downgrade from the PSP and more like the DS. The 3DS at this point is more advanced and more costly than the Wii. Basically use Nintendos Wii tactic on the 3DS. I'd laugh.

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