Why The World Needs More Final Fantasy Tactics

Forget RPGs, MMORPGs and even JRPGs – what the world needs are more SRPGs, specifically Final Fantasy Tactics games. So argues NowGamer's US correspondent Graeme Nicholson...

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Wildarmsjecht3335d ago

I'd prefer more Final Fantasy Tactics in the vein of the original, with a dark story filled with backstabbing, loyalty, and honor. Not so much the Advance Series which took a huge nose-dive in terms of compelling story-telling.

Marceles3335d ago

Yeah FFT is a straight classic, I'm kinda tired of how all of the good games have been turned into cheap portable ports. Mana, Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest...we gotta get one of those in HD glory.

kratos1233335d ago

The thought alone of playing fft in hd with extra story and seeing delittia die in hd brings tears to my eyes Damn it people we need more games like this instead of freaking cod

Myze3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

FFT is one of my top 5 games of all time (#3 or 4...behind Xenogears, FF6 and hard to place before or after Zelda A Link to the Past).

I didn't even like the Advanced games, much less even close to the original. The PSP port was pretty well done though.

I would love a remake for the ps3, or maybe an entirely new, dark story version for the ps3. Sadly, being how far Squaresoft (Squenix) has fallen in quality since FFT release, they would almost assuredly screw it up though, so maybe stick with a remake.

@kratos123 I know the game has been out for a long time, and shame on anyone who hasn't beat it, but you did just give away a big part of the ending. ;)

Neckbear3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

FFT is still of the games with an incredibly great storyline.

Even so, I also liked the first FFTA. Mainly because it's great, despite having a different approach to it: You want your friends to accept reality instead of living in a fantasy world.

Basically, any game that happens on the Ivallice world has a great storyline.

TheoreticalParticle3335d ago

FFTA: The game where you convince your best friend to go back to a reality where he's a cripple, your female friend is ostracized, and your life is awesome. Yeah, that's a guy I want to idolize.

Also, the tactics part of FFTA was really done quite poorly. 2 of the races' limit breaks were basically useless. Limiting classes to the races was also a bad move in my book.

VileAndVicious3335d ago

To me the original Final Fantasy Tactics is the greatest game of all time. When I was much younger I would sit and play it for hours trying out different job class combinations. I must have beaten it 6 or 7 times.

I would love a sequel to the original or a sequel to Vagrant Story another great game from the same creator.

kratos1233335d ago

You my friend have great taste

VileAndVicious3335d ago

Lol they just dont make em like they used to.

kratos1233335d ago

i know that what said this gen if it wasnt fore demon souls , and vk i would be really angry at japan fore not making great jrpg

SaiyanFury3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Agreed 100%. The original (not the PSP remake) is one of my all time favourite games. I'd love to see another made in the same vein. I know not a lot of people liked it, but I loved Final Fantasy XII. It almost felt like Tactics as if it was just a normal JRPG to me and to my best friend. It even used the same font for the text and stuff. But yes, an HD version of Tactics would be enough to make me soil myself.

VileAndVicious3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

FF12 and FF9 to me were the best of the franchise. Not that 7 was bad by any means just a tad overrated IMO.

FF12 was jus SO underrated, yet it offered hours upon hours of gameplay whether it was just wandering around aimlessly or hunting marks. True the story wasnt the best of the series (I liked 9's the best) but it more than made up for it in most everything else.

I never understood why so many gamers shunned FF12 when it was the last good one in the series and it did have that FF tactics feel to it. It was made by the same creator after all.

AceofStaves3335d ago

Completely agree. The original 'Tactics' is a fantastic title - one of my favourites on any console - and I also loved FF XII.

An HD 'Tactics' would make me giddy, provided SE didn't screw it up.

Myze3335d ago


Did you ever play FF6? In terms of story, I think it's the best the FF series has to offer. Even better than FFT.

For best story though, I have to go with Xenogears, which is another Squaresoft masterpiece around the same time frame of releases (Squaresoft used to be able to do no wrong...although I guess there's no such company anymore).

VileAndVicious3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I could never get into Xenogears though I did love the battle system and the gears. I was much younger when i played it but I do remember that there was alot of talking (more so than action or exploring). So I dont know... i would love to try it again someday, maybe if Square ever re-releases it on PSN for download.

But your absolutely right man FF6 was another great title. I loved the characters and the overall story. But *sigh* i never got to finish it because I got preoccupied with Chrono trigger. One day when I have the time Id like to go back and play all those classics.

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Misterhbk3335d ago

was an AMAZING game. Can't even count how many times I've played that game. I'd love to get a Final Fantasy tactics game on a major console. Sadly it wont happen though.

Wildarmsjecht3335d ago

Well War of the Lions is the remake/port of the original Final Fantasy Tactics that was on the PS1. I believe it's on the PSN store as well. They added a few things to War of the Lions but they also took out the Duplicating Trick. You know how AWESOME it was to have more than one Excalibur in my inventory? Enemies had no chance!

CimmerianDrake3335d ago

FFTactics is my favorite FF spinoff . They also removed the JP glitch from the original. I miss that glitch, I hate having to get 1500 points for some of the skills.

VileAndVicious3335d ago

Dual wielding Excaliburs with T.G. Cid was epic.

pacosanchez883335d ago

lol, and nothing says "bitch slap" quite like throwing excaliburs at your enemy with ninjas. Not that effective, but still very fun

SaiyanFury3335d ago

Yeah I got the War of the Lions for PSP and was pissed that they removed the weapon duplication trick! They may have added some stuff like the animated sequences and such, but I still prefer the original.

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3335d ago
Stealth20k3335d ago

Final fantasy tactics is mediocre when compared to the japanese srpgs that havent made it here....

Neckbear3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Tears to Tiara? Utawarerumono?

I've played those. FFT still holds its position as one of the best, if not THE best SRPG.

@Stealth20k down there:

Summon Night, I enjoyed it alright, but it ain't better than FFT.

FE? Old ones? If probably the best one is Path of Radiance, and we got that one here.

I've never played Dragon Shadow Spell, alright.

Even so- I very much doubt any of those is, in fact, BETTER than Final Fantasy Tactics.

Redempteur3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

You see i dunno how you déclare that summon night isn't better than FFT ..

i mean yeah that's your opinion BUT that's not the truth.

Fire emblem, tactical ogre , FFT , summon night, or everything from the netheruniverse of NIS ( disgaea for exemple) , valkyria chronicles

They are great games ..but whenever one is better than the other is only your opinion.

Wildarmsjecht3335d ago

Really? Well name some. The PSN import store will be having a few games, but if you think some SRPGs are even better than FFT, I'd love to keep a lookout for them.

Stealth20k3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Dragon Shadow Spell from flight plan is one of the best

Summon nights

The matrix series

Most of the fire emblem series

and many more

Myze3335d ago

The only SRPGs that I have enjoyed to the level of FFT are Dragon Force (Sega Saturn), Shining Force 1 and 2 (3 was good, but nowhere close to the first two), and Valkyria Chronicles.

Those are the only SRPGs that I consider worthy of being close to FFT (still think FFT is the best though).

Disgaea is fun for what it is, but the storyline is just for fun, and is negligible to the point of the game. I like the series, but that is more about liking big numbers than good storytelling (in other words, it has the Strategy part, but not the RPG part of the SRPG).

I love the Fire Emblem games for what they are. However, the story is cliche, being generous, bad, being honest. The gameplay and difficulty is great though. Again, however, storyline comes before anything in an RPG for me.

FFT has the best storyline and music of any SRPG I've ever played. The gameplay is very good, but I would admit there are games with better (not by much), but other than Shining Force, I probably enjoyed the gameplay in FFT more than those.

I have to say though, I really wish they would make a new Dragon Force. I never got to play the second one, and sadly Sega obviously has no plans on ever reviving the series (2nd one was in 1998 and never released outside of JP).

CimmerianDrake3335d ago

The words "Final Fantasy Tactics" and "mediocre" do not belong in the same sentence together. Clearly you have horrible taste.

MMFGaming3335d ago

The FFT port for PSP is easily one of my favorite RPG's of all time.

Wasn't a big fan of the spin offs though. The lack of people betraying each other every five seconds wasn't too appealing.

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