CNET : Xbox 360 fall update hands-on

Microsoft is using this November's release of the company's motion-sensing initiative to revamp the Xbox 360 dashboard. The new update, due out later this fall when Kinect hits stores, gives the dashboard a complete cosmetic upgrade, zippier navigation, and more features and functionality. We should note that Zune, ESPN, and Netflix features require an adult Gold membership on Xbox Live.

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frostypants2941d ago

Question: I ended up with Zune on my 360, but I swear I never intentionally downloaded it. Where the hell did it come from?

wazzim2941d ago

That's when you wanna watch some videos.

Droid Control2941d ago

since anyone outside the US is SHAFTED again. Crap movies on Zune. No ESPN, no Netflix etc...

cossie1232941d ago

have they rolled out the preview yet? and is espn available to uk

Blacktric2941d ago

It's not out yet. But hopefully, it'll be in a couple of hours.

cossie1232941d ago

dammit uk gets screwed again.

Hades13372941d ago

Why would you want ESPN in the UK? We already have Sky Sports via Sky Player.

pustulio2941d ago

Does people already got this? I supposedly where accepted to this preview program but i haven't got anything :(

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The story is too old to be commented.