Final Fantasy XIV: First 10-Hours Guide writes, "Hello, and welcome to the "Final Fantasy XIV First 10-Hours Guide" brought to you by Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game that one can easily become lost in. If you have recently bought the game, or are thinking of buying the game, the below guide will make sure you don't wander around aimlessly. Good luck and see you on the battlefield!"

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WutPleaze2993d ago

just picked this up yesterday- I'm so confused. great game, but I'm so lost.

evrfighter2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

if you think you're lost now wait until the time comes when you want new gear.

game is a joke until they implement an ah and fix that damn laggy UI.

Kurisu2992d ago

It will be fixed ready for PS3 release, good news for me :p

Xephon082993d ago

gear is going to come from crafting, you're not just going to walk into a dungeon and 10 minutes later be decked out in purple gear, depending on what class you are you can always make your own gear by going with clothcraft,leather working or armorer. Yes its not easy, you don't just click the "i want to be good" button and bam you're jumping around with HQ gear.

go to each city, get the teleport points and look around in the market wards for gear.

Its a great game, its fun and it challenges you.

Neckbear2993d ago

Look, I'll give you a 5 minute guide:

Log In

Make Character

Log out

Pick best class: Unistall Wizard


Cancel suscrption


WutPleaze2993d ago

cool story dude

( you'll probably like that site.

Faelan2993d ago

The "Pick best class: Uninstall Wizard" really cracked me up.

Xephon082993d ago

first off it takes more then 5 minutes to install, and patch so your guide is wrong.

AvidGamerrrr2993d ago

I don't understand why everyone hates this game. I really, really like it. It's a nice change from FPS'ers and always killing someone.

kasasensei2993d ago

Yeah maybe, but maybe there are better MMO around too.

Xephon082993d ago

the only other MMO out there worth playing is WoW, the rest are so niche that the playerbase is next to nothing, unless you want to play one of them Cash shop ones where you have to grind for 187 levels unless you want to blow a ton of money of items to reduce the grind to 186 levels. Not to mention the reduced quality of most of em.

EQ and EQ2 are going to have their die hards, but the game isn't going to be accessible to a lot of people who want to start now.

in terms of "better" its hard to say, personally i think FFXIV is better then now, not in the technical specs but overall game play, it has a great sense of story, develops it well and has a way deeper and better and more customizable character development system. But that's my opinion.

Faelan2993d ago

I tend to agree, but it depends on what you're looking for in an MMO.

If you just want to kill mobs and grind quests as quickly as possible to max level so that you can start raiding, the it's a -terrible- game. If you on the other hand enjoy complicated crafting and dabbling in multiple classes without going through a million alts, then this game might very well turn out to be great. That is... if you can stomach the weird unintuitive laggy UI and all the other quirks of this game.

Fadetoblack692992d ago

Mostly because it's a challenge instead of a "give-all" mmo like a lot of them nowadays. If you can't log in and max yourself in a few days people think it's "too hard". Personally I love all the detail they put into this, it means it won't be getting boring anytime soon.

So far I've been playing nonstop and my only issue would be with the obvious ui-lag even on powerful pc's. As far as an AH goes, I like the current system but am sure an AH is coming as well. When the first one launched the AH wasn't added until about a month later (Was released in Japan first).

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milonatron2993d ago

Are they recorating Final fantasy 7 for the PS3 beacaus i loved playing it on the PS1 and if they did it for the PS3 what a game would it be.

Jack-Pyro2992d ago

No, they're not doing it, you people need to stop asking and move on.

Geeze, Final Fantasy 7 wasn't THAT good!

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