F1 2010 – Review

Back in 2008 Codemasters announced to have acquired the Formula One license, promising to bring annual Formula One games to the PC & gaming consoles.

Now, F1 2010 is here, being the first official Formula One game for the PC since EA Sports’ F1 Challenge 99-02 that dates back to 2003. The pre-release hype surrounding the title has been met with doubts in the sim community as Codemasters past titles such as Race Driver GRID and Dirt have done little to impress the fans of realistic racing.

So, is F1 2010 realistic enough to please sim racers or is it another issue that overshadows the driving experience? Read the review to find out!

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sak5003339d ago

Doesnt look impressive at all 5 year old games have better lightning effects on the cars. Looks like there is spot light on the helmut and the car so non of the track lights or dark portions do anything to the car model.

overlorduk3338d ago

Don't know what's going on with the reflections in that video. The reflections on the car look much better than that when I play it on my PC.