Blu-ray's Atomic Bomb In the Format War

Blu-ray has been turning the tide, selling almost twice as many discs this year as HD DVD. Their next weapon in the format war? A 40-foot-long promotional mega-kiosk, shaped like a Magic Kingdom Castle. The moving castle will target the fence early adopters are squatting on by touring 18 malls across the nation (by the food court, probably). The first showing happened on August 17th, in the Westfield Topanga Mall, Conoga Park, CA. God help us all. They're demoing Cars. Watch your wallets, mallwalkers.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4075d ago

I think now HD DVD has woken blu ray up. Competition does that, Blu ray has to start pushing now. More advertisment, studious need to step up production. Prices need to drop.

BIadestarX4075d ago

I though blu-ray already won and blu-ray adoption is innevitable. Why would they need to do this? Why are they wasting money promoting blu-ray when blu-ray needs no promotion?

If Sony is so confident that blu-ray already won... why so much noise over Paramount pictures HD DVD exclusivity and promotions like this one? Can it be.. You know... people promote and advertise only when they need to.

Xbox 360 Will4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Disney and Fox are taking it upon themselves to promote Blu-ray and if you took time to read the story this was planned way before the Paramount news. Go do something productive like fix your over heated 360 rather then polluting these news stories with your nonsense.

heroman7114075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

@ bladestar
dude u are on a roll of not being a fanboy. yesterday u made a comment on how hs looked amazing, 2day u made a comment on how sixaxis is pretty good its just the developers that **** it up and now this which i agree with u on. bluray won a while ago and i dont think disney needs to do this ( even though i guess it would help them more . transformers diector and speilberg are pretty pissed off bout what paramount did. do this more often and u are gonna get some respect ( by " this " i mean not be biased towards a console cuz in the past it felt like that torwards ps3 from u

cuco334075d ago

4million ps3s vs 400k hd dvd players
that's 10:1 more players

but these quotes sales is 2:1 in favor of BR...
expect changes to be made, the promised dominance of the ps3 for BR to sell movies isn't happening.
no one will win this war, a stalemate is inevitable

WilliamRLBaker4075d ago

how is what bladestar said remotely fanboyish? he mentioned no systems or any thing only companies. And what he said is fact, the blu ray camp is adiment about how they've won the war all ready, sony says it, the cows *sony fanboys* say it, yet once paramount announced the deal sony, the BDA, and Cows went into hyper drive damage control.

And now this? if blu ray has all ready won? why do they need such a redicules setup?

As for that this isn't an atomic bomb...this is more like...a bb shot froma bb gun, An Atomic bomb would be lower blu ray player prices to 100 dollars.

poet2154075d ago

In his defense....I started reading topics on this site about early June. Bladestar was posting some off the wall opinions and bashing PS3 & Sony every chance available. The last few weeks, he's been making more valid points in his arguments. I'm by no means here to judge anyone on their views, but I think considering his past comments, he deserves his props.

BIadestarX4075d ago

You see.. that's the problem.. Sony mix the whole blu-ray with the PS3... and is all a big blur... I am not talking about PS3... I am talking about blu-ray... console what? I am talking about blu-ray and my anger is towards blu-ray... and Sony and blu-ray camp sounding so confident and saying that blu-ray war was over.. yet.. look what's happening.... "Next Gen starts when we say so.... blu-ray already won the format war.... we are doing this ... and that..." and then.. didnt you guys see all the noice they made when Paramount announced their support for HD DVD? and now this? thats all I am saying.

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ParaDise_LosT4075d ago

toshiba from doing the same thing I wonder.

ArduousAndy4075d ago

the reason is because sony has a small penis and needs a big screen to make it seem as its not?

In all serious i hope they choose something better then Cars that movie was nothing more then a Tex Avery rip off.

plastixblue4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Another post about the format war...on A gaming site. Other that PS3 having their games on Blu-Ray this has nothing to do with gaming. Has anyone put a game on HD-DVD yet? As I said yesterday Im personally tired of seeing posts about this on gaming sites. Oh well said my peace. I feel better now. :)

doublertist4075d ago

this post was in the industry section....

plastixblue4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

However my point is this will reach 1000 degrees and be on the front page. Of a Gaming site.(The name is News for GAMERS. Not Home movie watchers.) Starting another pointless debate on what format is better and so on. Personaly unless you own a ps3 or a HD-DVD player,(I have both so Im good no matter who wins)I think it's pretty foolish to back either at this time.

i Shank u4075d ago

nice comment man, i agree. tho it is in the industry news, the majority of these stories make it to the front page, which is where most people go (duh). its not "News 4 Entertainment", its says gamers for a reason. but just like how people are crazy over PS3 vs. 360, this is another outlet for them to pick a side and fight a "war". jackasses

Nameless4075d ago

I say ignore all Fan Boys when it comes to facts.

mighty_douche4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

i like the fact theres a ps3 on the left, more ps3's sold means more developer support and thats all sony needs!

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