WreckedGamer's Front Mission Evolved Review

Front Mission Evolved has always had a relatively small, but loyal following. In its latest incarnation it ditches the turn based strategy of old, and goes for more of a 3rd person, action packed type of game play. Does it work in Front Mission’s favor?

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GOODKyle3333d ago

The WreckedGamer team member who wrote this is new so cut him some slack.

Xof3333d ago

...I don't see myself cutting it any slack. Besides, it's unfair to hold people to different standards based on seniority. (Don't even get me started on bloody tenure).


Regarding the review itself, it lacks a hook. The opening paragraph is very bland--you should never, really, have to write 'you can find out... after the break.' The goal of the opening lines, or 'hook,' is to grab that interest and make the reader want to keep reading. The goal is NOT to tell them to keep reading. That's... missing the point entirely.

As a whole, the review was simply too short to justify the score--or any score, really. It needed to be fleshed out a lot more. The writing seems competent, there's just not enough justification for the writers opinion. It would also have been nice to insert a few objective details--average game length, number of combat areas, number of parts, number of missions, presence or absence of dual audio, custom soundtracks, etc. More often than not, it's little details like that gamers tend to look for in reviews.

GOODKyle3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

That's what I said almost to the exact word. Again, he is new and if you want a real good review look at the rest of the reviews that WreckedGamer offers. The latest one was the Dead Rising 2 review.