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Forbidden_Darkness3333d ago

Dead Rising 2 was just released yesterday ;)


Sometime next month, don't believe i've read a exact date, but i might have missed it.

Mit3333d ago

So much dam dlc for this game. It's actually getting irritating.

vickers5003333d ago

I know, right? Damn Rockstar, forcing you to buy all their DLC!


AliTheBrit193333d ago

Lol god damn

This is looking good, I wish it wasn't :( I have to update my points again, using microsofts crappy broken system

outlawlife3332d ago

what exactly is broken about the system? you redeem money for points?

seems to work fine

Da_Evil_Monkey3332d ago

You could just buy things with money instead.....

ReservoirDog3163333d ago

I'm sure $10 like the rest of RDR's DLC. Though this one actually looks worth $10.

danmachine3333d ago ShowReplies(3)
zireno3333d ago

that undead horse looks awesome, I might just take the bite and get this

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The story is too old to be commented.