HipHopGamer Crushes IGN'S Greg Miller On Mafia 2 Review, Journalist Challenge

Greg Miller is a very well known respected Journalist in this industry, but now there is a rising star amongst the pack and his name is HipHopGamer. Love him or hate him true gaming passion has arrived and it's not going anywhere.

We as gamers always compare games, and play games from a competitive stand point but there's something missing. What ever happened to the friendly competitive nature of actual journalism? Nowadays anyone can say anything without backing it up with any good points or opinions, and no one says anything to challenge that.

Those days are coming to an end and HipHopGamer is about to set it off against good friend Greg Miller and this is a fair warning for any journalist, " Don't Talk Unless You Can Back It Up "

Check Out The Video Below

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rroded3333d ago

and we care about hgg reviews cause...

sry dudes about as good a reviewer as jim sterling without the lolz..

deadreckoning6663333d ago

Hiphop..why do you care what Greg Miller thinks? Its called a difference of opinion.

Chubear3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

However for stuff like this I think it's much better to SHOW the discrepancies with the review in question rather than talk about it cause it ends up being a "opinion vs opinion" piece.

Review standards should be the same across the board and if animations in a game rated 7 where better than animations of another game in the same or similar genre that got 9.5 for presentation that that should be shown so people can SEE it for themselves.

This is why i've been writing Sony for so long cause I've always wanted ALL console manufacturers to have their own rating system for their consumers.

People play the game and can only rate the game via their console if they've completed it on normal settings just like Sony does with their movie ratings on PSN and MS is doing with older games.. kinda.

I remember I had many issues with Lair ratings back in the day and many reviews were just out right lies (e.g gamespot saying/implying if you steer right the controls go left instead) and Lair became lynched unnecessarily so I wanted to do something like HHG is doing now only go point by point using actual homemade videos so people can see.

Good segment, I enjoyed it but would have loved to SEE the contradictions instead of hear an alternate viewpoint.

... and no Reviews are NOT "opinion". There's an obvious big diference btw the 2. If reviews were opinions they would be called just that Opinion overviews rather than reviews.

-Alpha3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I don't understand how you could defend his stuff Chubear.

Reviews ARE opinionated. They have some standards that a majority may attend to, but in no way do they all state "facts" the same way. Something like presentation, graphics, etc. can be universally praised but can still be rated low due to different tastes, opinions on story, character development, etc.

This is why review content> scores. Scores sum up a reviews personal tastes, content details the good and the bad.

As for Lair, you can't take what GS said and then say Lair was misrepresented. Many people put down Lair and unless you think they all lied then I don't see your point. GS went into great detail about the game and you just pick out one sentence and seem to imply that they were lying. Yet isn't it possible this was something THEY experienced? This should indicate to you that reviews CAN be opinionated.

You have a different opinion of Lair and that's great, but to claim the scoring system is flawed because reviews didn't agree with you is flat out absurd. And this is just in general, not directed towards you directly. Where was this claim when something like UC2 got 21/20? People only complain when they are offended and that in itself is quite biased.

Should we throw out the whole review system because games YOU liked were rated low? Lair's controls were universally bashed as being frustrating. It's not just GS.

HHG is the last person who should be making this challenge.

-Alpha3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )


The problem with reviews is that scores become the focus of console wars. People look down upon anything lower than 9.0 scores and have petty wars over 0.1 differences, often claiming game x is better than game y because game x got a 9.2 while game y got a 9.1

It's easy for you to say games should have a common standard but people have different tastes, games are subject ultimately to how fun you have with it. Reviews cannot be standardized. I refuse to rate games on a relevance scale. It's not only impossible but unfair. Many games have different standards based on development, console, etc.
fair for games that pride themselves on art for example? And how much does one component have value over the other? Do all graphics have the same value? All gameplay? All presentation? Who decides this? You cannot use scaling standards simply because review scores are subject to personal preference.

Ultimately scores are there to HELP decide the value of a game. It doesn't mean you should ignore games or that you should criticize reviewers for scoring a game low that you found deserved to be rated higher.

For me, I find this issue blown out of proportion. I can actually understand why games like GTAIV got the 10/10s they did. Now, I don't think it deserved that score but not because the game didn't look great or have great dialogue (because it did). I simply didn't have fun with it. And fun is a personal thing. My review standard is different and I refuse to have it "standardized" the way you want it to be standardized.

Maybe I misunderstood your comment, you were pretty vague, but it seems that this is what you were implying

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Sanzee3333d ago

Hip Hop Gamer is a douchbag who knows absolutely nothing about video games. Time and time again he proves himself to be an idiot regarding all things video games.

xAlmostPro3333d ago

actually i disagree, i prefer his reviews because theyre from a gamers point of view.. somebody who loves games by gaming, not just gaming because your getting paid for it..

what sort of levels there is, how many characters <thats what i like to hear not crap like "game was ok, but im taking off 3 points because this version had 1fps lower than the other and actually also has two wrongly colored pixels.. oh and i dont like the voice of so & so.. this is why it loses 3 points" :L

i want to know what sort of gameplay it has, if its fun.. hiphopgamer lets you know that and even shows you the gameplay.

tacosRcool3333d ago

Boring is right HHG is a joke

Scary693333d ago

Heck with the video I like that Hoodie heh I want a Black ops Hoodie.

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user94220773333d ago

Out of all people HHG said this "Nowadays anyone can say anything without backing it up with any good points or opinions, and no one says anything to challenge that."

I am absolutely stunned.

Hands Up For Games3333d ago

If I could give you 10 Bubbles I would. Honestly!

WildArmed3333d ago

I agree.
Here's a start +bubs.
remind me to do it everyday from now on! :D

-Alpha3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Yes, +bubs, I wonder if he even realizes how ironic his statement was.

Well, like any other industry, the gaming industry is pretty corrupted. Look at the music industry (Kesha, Paris Hilton, etc) for example. Some people don't deserve the fame, but they get it. HHG is no different, except he seems delusional enough to believe that he is a "journalist". Of course, he will never admit it, because he enjoys his success, and I would too, but I'd think that he would at least understand where "the haters" are coming from.

Active Reload3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Maybe he has forgiven you all, for tailgating him like the pasty teabags you are, lol.

Name that movie!

poopface13333d ago

this guy probably doesn't know what ironic means.

-Alpha3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

The dude's just trying to get more hits by taking on IGN. Surely he isn't stupid enough to not see the irony of his statement.

I'd love to take him on, but why bother when everybody on here has pretty much contributed to crushing his challenge. Good job everybody. Too bad that anything we say continues to feed him. Any publicity is good publicity, all you have to do is sell your integrity. Just look at Kotick

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Megaton3333d ago

Quote of the year right there. Charting new territory in irony.

NJShadow3333d ago

I bet he thinks about himself so much, that he WAS thinking about himself when he uttered that comment.

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HeroXIV3333d ago

HipHopGamer > Greg Miller for sure.

poopface13333d ago

but im more inclined to believe the guy who gave mafia 2 a 7 than the guy who gave it a 10.

If you constantly give average games 10s or 9s like HHG does, then I have to believe you know very little about videogames and are easily impressed with average games.

NewsForMe3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I hate reviews. There is always at least one statement in a review that is just so wrong I can't believe that person gets paid.

KratosGirI3333d ago

No offence HHG, but you're a journalist?

Pandamobile3333d ago

Any one with a website these days can call themselves a journalist.

jack_burt0n3333d ago

Wait what, IGN do videogame reviews!?

miller FTL

NLGSean3333d ago

More like a wannabe journalist.