Midnight At Eleven

Rockstar are up to their old tricks again as they release a video tonight at 11pm(GMT)for another of their highly anticipated games, Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the next major installment in the storied franchise and like GTA IV is developed using RAGE technology which enables a stunning recreation of Los Angeles.

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GoLeafsGo4167d ago

Just 6 hours to go =D!

wotta4167d ago

actually its GMT so there is only 40 mins to go.

ALIEN4167d ago

The firts one sucks, let's see if this one will be great. Can't wait to watch that video.

Ortiz834167d ago

what time is that central time

wotta4167d ago

It's there now guys, you can also view it by following the source.

A Man4167d ago

I wonder what this is running on?