Rare: 'crazy ideas' will come from Kinect

Nick Burton, tech executive at Rare, talks about the possibilities that Kinect offers for developers.

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Natsu X FairyTail3336d ago

probably wont come from rare tho.

TotalPS3Fanboy3336d ago ShowReplies(1)
Anton Chigurh3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I'm sure they got something special for us... gamers.

master_of_ownage3336d ago

I hate how so many people comment on the articles about kinect and just bash it, You dont see us bashing Playstation Move because its really just wii v.2, at least microsoft is doing something revelutionary and completely different then sony and nintendo instead of constantily coping each other 

Shadow Flare3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

*COUGH* eyetoy v.2 *COUGH*

Pennywise3336d ago

You dont see me doing it. Watch me do it.

You are the master of ownage. You just owned yourself.

D4RkNIKON3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I hate how many people comment on how Kinect is different, and revolutionary.. Why is it that the games for Kinect are nothing new then? Show me a game and I will show you how it's been done before.

sinclaircrown3336d ago

Kinect sucks - No, Move sucks more!
Move is just Wii v.2 - No, Kinect is eyetoy v.2
You're just a fanboy - no, you're a fanboy
MS sucks! - No, Sony sucks!

Same stuff. Every day.

master_of_ownage3336d ago

yes all fanboys are like fucking brick walls. and lastly you just proved you are a fanboy, going on videos of the xbox and seeing people talk trash about their opinion over move vs kinect, then getting mad over it. typical fanboy.

bustamove3336d ago

And you are no better than the people you call out.

sinclaircrown3336d ago

hehehe master. I yawned. You got mad.


You're cute.

beardpapa3336d ago

you forget when the move was announced, the whole world was calling it a dildo.

Raikiri3336d ago

Kinect is an eyetoy V2 but that doesn't mean its a bad thing as long as its better, same goes for move

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tacosRcool3336d ago

Crazy ideas from Rare that = crap then yes.

Rare is so overrated and they just purely suck so why is Microsoft still trying to get them to make awesome games?

BrianC62343336d ago

What's with Rare lately? All I see now is Rare says this. Rare says that. Who cares what they think. They haven't had a good game since leaving Nintendo.

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Jamie Foxx3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

yet neutral gamers who have played it have a different view?

when a companies employees have to continually hype a product which has shown nothing but lag and on rails games it makes you wonder ....'who are they trying to kid?'

personally i think kinect has been downgraded soo much its not going to survive the hype,and ive seen nothing in software to change my mind,stop talking rare and show us

EasilyTheBest3336d ago

But I have played it... Four different games in fact and theres NO lag thats sorted and the games like Kinect Adventures have a lot more to them than we have been shown.
I played it after hours in a gamestation store over two hours aswell...
It made my mind up to buy one...

HeroXIV3336d ago Show
Pennywise3336d ago

Just reading your over abundance of kinect comments, it leads me to believe you are a played employee, employed to give comments about kinect.

Sorry... I don't believe you.

Omega43336d ago

Im with EasilyTheBest I played it too and didn't notice any lag, and all the games i got to play were great fun. In fact it seems the only people who are saying its rubbish are the PS3 fanboys and people who haven't actually tried it. So in other words the jealous ones.

asyouburn3336d ago

and my opinion is that it is, in fact, rubbish. and it has nothing to do with ps3 vs. 360, if kinect was a playstation product or nintendo product, i would still think its crap

cliffbo3336d ago

Omega4, i don't know whether to admire your tenacity or feel sorry for your naivety

niceguywii603336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Well you're a known stealthy PS3 fanboy, known to get desperate with reaching hateful opinions trying come off across as a mutual open minded gamer with no agenda. Kinect launches next month and you're coming off as saying MSFT is hyping their product due a lack of faith and Sony did not mention anything about Move before launch? RLMAO

Sony was hyping the sh*t out of MOVE months before its launch even attacking and bashing the competition at the same time. *Move does this! Move does that! Kinect will die this! Kinect won't work that! every day from Sony for months lol.

What you're really saying is I you wish MSFT would stop with the awareness campaign because Kinect is going to do enough damage to Sony's market share as it is.

Dam thing coming out next month and happens to be the most exciting thing in game since the launch of Wii not to mention the most advanced tech in gaming.
Kinect has developers excited and the masses and PS3 fanboys wonder why MSFT is excited about it? Amazing... Talking about it a little over 30 days before its launch some how ignoring other companies basically doing the same thing although on a smaller scale is the greatest desperate contradiction in the history of gaming

bustamove3336d ago

You claim Sony bashed this and Sony bashed that about the Move and yet you provide NO LINKS WHATSOEVER. When Sony talked about Move, they had the technology to back up their claims.

I don't know if you get paid to say these things but seriously, your comments are laughable right now.

btk3336d ago ShowReplies(1)
the-thing-that-is3336d ago

if it really is just a bunch of eyetoy ripoff that'd suck. eyetoy is so boring

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